Brave browser kicks butt! Made $200 just by using the browser~

Brave browser kicks butt! Made $200 just by using the browser~

By elduque | casacripto | 6 Apr 2019


I'll start by saying at first I was skeptical. I read about this browser and was willing to give it a go. At first I tried it out by dipping my toe into the water, but then I jumped in and never looked back!

Yesterday I received my first payout of $30 for just using the browser in my everyday browsing. WOOOOT!

I've been using the brave browser for about 20 days, the developers addition (Brave Blue) has adds it shows you (*adds are in beta and will be rolled out to the Standard Edition (the orange Brave browser soon).

I currently have my setting on five ads per hour. Each time an ad pops up, I receive BAT coins ( basic, attention, tokens). On average have been receiving 0.15 BAT coins per add displayed to me.


Here is my payout from yesterday!



I know some of you will be saying... It's $5 a day... big deal, But that's five dollars for me doing my regular daily grind on a browser. Why use Internet Explorer, Opera, chrome, Firefox or any other number of browsers... What advantage do they have? I am earning money by using the brave browser... it's not costing me anything, brave is built on the open source version of Chrome, so every plug-in that works on Chrome now works in brave.

in addition this browser provides built-in ad blocking, anti-tracking mechanisms, allows you to contribute to the sites and people you want to contribute to, and pays you...

How do you get up and running?

Step 1 :

Down load the Brave browser here :

Step 2 :

  • After you have your browser downloaded - look in the URL bar and click on the BAT icon


Step 3:

  • Adjust settings for the desired number of ads per hr.




Currently ads are only available in the developer edition of Brave, however that will be changing soon.
Also note that to get funds from the brave browser into your wallet, there is no direct withdrawal button yet.


Here are the different versions of the brave browser currently available


  • I think that when the brave orange edition (Brave Release), the standard release version gets ads will see a way to easily transfer BAT from your browser to your Uphold wallet.


How to withdraw funds

Currently, The method to withdraw your funds is register at .
and set up a channel to which to receive BAT donations.


Here are the options you have to become a creator :




Just go down load the Brave browser here : and start to earn BAT coins from everyday activities online.


I hope this write up helped you a bit. You found it useful please upload or resteem it.


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