May Monthly Report: Expanding Cartesi's Global Presence

By Cartesi | Cartesi News & Updates | 2 Jun 2020

This month has been all about expanding Cartesi’s ecosystem, presence, and brand across the globe. With our push into new markets and gaining traction around the world, we launched Cartesi’s Ambassadorial Program. Ambassadors of Cartesi are official regional representatives that will be essential to a broad range of initiatives for the growth of Cartesi's ecosystem.





A big welcome to our newest ambassadors!


Suhas Hegde - India Ambassador

Suhas is a Computer Science Engineer and Blockchain Consultant who has been involved in the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies sector since late 2014. He is also the Head of GXChain India. He has extensive experience in designing Blockchain architecture and blockchain protocol designs.

Helen IMAH - Nigerian Ambassador

Helen is a Computer Scientist and has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2015. She had initially became fully involved in crypto, during 2017, as an initial coin offering (ICO) investor. Since then, her primary focus has been on Cryptocurrency in African markets and will be assisting Cartesi with a wide-range of initiatives in African regions. 

Dilip Ishara - Sri Lankan Ambassador

Dilip Ishara is from Sri Lanka, he's an internet marketing and communication expert with 5+ years of experience. He started my career as an internet marketer in 2015 and became a leading Community manager and internet marketer in Sri Lanka, most notably, as a Binnce Angel. Dilip has also assisted numerous ICO projects with great success since 2015.

Christian Laurden - Phillippine Ambassador

Christian is extensively connected and has a broad spectrum of experiences in community management, since 2017. He will be aiding the Cartesi team in expanding presence through south-east asian countries, including inside the Philippines. 

Do you have what it takes? Apply to become a Cartesi ambassador!

Growth and Expansion in May


Cartesi is now Listed on the world’s largest Indian exchange, WazirX, strategically expanding our international reach with CTSI and it’s ease to acquire for users around the world. Accordingly, Cartesi and WazirX initiated together on a small Social Media contest, a Trading contest and a Creepts Tournament. 

Cartesi is committed to being as transparent as possible with our community, with these efforts, our CEO, Erick de Moura, provided insight into current problems, solutions, and how Cartesi is defining the future for the development of decentralized applications (DApps), with Linux and Blockchain technologies. As a follow up to this, Erick also released a Q&A video,  answered questions from the community on our social media platforms.

We’ve also been full force on development, focusing on our SDK documentation and tutorials. Our development efforts in the last month were released earlier in May.


Ecosystem Updates

Creepts DApp

Important Media Mentions: 

Community Content & Articles

We’ve had 100s of user-generated content and articles for Cartesi. We’ll highlight some of the biggest and best pieces of material our community has been creating!

The marketing team has been extensively working on revamping and enhancing Cartesi’s image, along with some unannounced exciting updates that will be revealed in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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The Operating System for DApps

Cartesi News & Updates
Cartesi News & Updates

Cartesi is a decentralized and scalable Linux infrastructure that solves the problems of computational scalability and development infrastructure for the decentralized web. With Cartesi, Blockchain applications can be coded with the vast domain of mainstream software stacks available today. Applications run off-chain, with the strong security guarantees of the blockchain, but free from its computation limits and high costs.

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