July Development Recap — Descartes SDK Documentation Release

July Development Recap — Descartes SDK Documentation Release

By Cartesi | Cartesi News & Updates | 16 Jul 2020

Development Updates

Over the past month, the team worked hard to reach the Descartes SDK Documentation milestone in time with success. The alpha version of the SDK was released while the team keeps working diligently on test coverage and the implementation of additional important features.

There are a few priority tasks that are in progress at this time. These relate to pending features that are very important for DApps using Descartes:

Allowing for several participating nodes.

In the current public version, Descartes only allows for one claiming and one challenging party. The team is working in the next sprints to allow for several nodes participating in the Dapp.

Support for provider drives and large drives.

The team is currently refactoring the API allowing data to be inserted in the Cartesi Machine after Descartes’ initialization. With this API refactoring, Descartes will support large data. DApps clients or users will be able to make data available on IPFS, from where Descartes Nodes designated to save can fetch it to pass to initialize the Cartesi Machine and make it available to all the participating nodes, through the blockchain.

More Tutorials

We keep working on new tutorials that provide developers with a fast introduction to using Descartes and the new features that are coming along.

Automatic Configuration of Nodes

Descartes nodes are DApp agnostic. The current implementation uses a template hash specified at instantiate to look up a Cartesi Machine state dumped at a directory with the same name.The team is currently working on a protocol that allows a node to know it should set up itself to work for a particular DApp.

Although these are the most important tasks being carried out at this time, there are several other developments being pursued in parallel, including the PoS system of the Cartesi Sidechain and new features for the Cartesi Machine that are supportive of the rollups.

We highly encourage any developer willing to use or collaborate with Cartesi to contact us on Discord. We will be more than happy to offer you guidance.

Cartesi’s Ecosystem Links:

Website: https://cartesi.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cartesiproject

Telegram: https://t.me/cartesiproject

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Pt2NrnS

GitHub: https://github.com/cartesi


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Cartesi News & Updates
Cartesi News & Updates

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