Cartesi's Ambassadorial Program - Initiative to Solidify Global Marketing Outreach

By Cartesi | Cartesi News & Updates | 6 May 2020

To complement Cartesi’s all-star development team, the marketing team is pleased to announce the launch of Cartesi’s Ambassadorial Program. This initiative is the first of many for global marketing, outreach and onboarding more talent into the Cartesi ecosystem. Through our continued exposure, we recognize the desire to be a part of Cartesi’s transformative project; which resides with the conceptualization of how DApps and the future of blockchain are being fundamentally handled and merged seamlessly with mainstream adoption.

A robust Cartesi community is vital to the team’s worldwide objectives in the DApp space. As we continue to grow our community, we are seeking leaders, ideas and ongoing improvements to our project. To enhance brand awareness and establish a broader influential sphere, we are passionately devoted to bringing top-quality talent on-board in a formalized fashion. We are grateful for the recent massive interest in assisting us to achieve a more substantial digital marketing presence, in the blockchain’s ecosystem, traditional business and software organizations.

To date, we’ve opened up 5 highly specific communities: Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish and Korea as a result of highly experienced and talented individuals. These communities go much farther beyond community moderation, they place an emphasis on expanding Cartesi’s presence through social media, forums, word-of-mouth, articles, events, and more.


Methodology & Criteria for Becoming an Ambassador

We are continually on the lookout for a variety of backgrounds, talents, and fresh ideas to expand the Cartesi brand across all regions, languages, and cultures.

In order to exceptionally fill the role of a Cartesi ambassador, we’ve highlighted the areas which are of most interest. This represents a general criteria list of specific talent we are seeking. If your area of expertise does not fall in the fields below, we still encourage you to submit an application if you feel you can be of benefit to Cartesi!

  • Global, regional, and local crypto influencers; community managers, experts, traders, and marketers.
  • Having an already existing user-base or community that you’re the leader of and capability to promote Cartesi to said group.
  • Ability to engage and share Cartesi and Cartesi’s DApps with creative individuals.
  • Directing new individuals to Cartesi’s environment, communities and critical locations.
  • Highly motivated and experienced in the cryptocurrency industry, mainstream marketing or at present have an existing website infrastructure to promote cryptocurrencies and innovative technologies.
  • Developers who are interested in building DApps or developing with Cartesi.


What’s Expected of Ambassadors

  • Hands-on knowledge of crypto markets, background in community management, a proven influencer or marketing service provider.
  • Highly-motivated and connected within cryptocurrency or mainstream marketing spheres.
  • Exemplary talent and impeccable communication skills.
  • Extensive understanding and genuine enthusiasm for Cartesi.


Benefits of Becoming an Ambassador

A Cartesi ambassador will become a part of Cartesi and represent the entire Cartesi ecosystem of DApps. Accordingly, you will have first-hand access to a variety of our strategies, upcoming announcements, early-access to new DApps and bigger planned actions for mass adoption within crypto and around the world.

These are some of the many benefits that ambassadors will acquire.

  • Early access to official releases, valuable information and strategic outreach through Cartesi’s marketing team.
  • Networking opportunities with Cartesi Team members, partners, and other ambassadors.
  • Active participation in other similar programmes through Cartesi’s incubation program for start-ups.
  • Official title and recognition on the Cartesi Ambassadors page.
  • Official recognition and the opportunities to attend local meet-ups and conferences with the Cartesi team.
  • CTSI Token awards based on your active involvement, actions and general importance to Cartesi.
  • Other benefits and awards the Cartesi Foundation may grant.


How to Sign-up

Applications are open, with limited availability, for predefined categories and areas of interest. If a particular role is filled, then your application may be immediately rejected. You are allowed to submit as many applications as you desire.

If you feel you can make any contribution to Cartesi, we welcome you to submit an application. Ambassadors are required to represent Cartesi through social media, telegram and other external communities when possible.

Apply today at


The Future with Cartesi

Cartesi’s primary business objectives are predicated on 5 key elements that will propel the entire ecosystem forward: development, business integration/adoption, marketing, communication and business development.

With this ambassadorial program, we’ll be capable to effectively manage and emphasize further global outreach, international marketing and broaden a heightened awareness around Cartesi. We hope you’re as thrilled as we are and encourage all interested parties to submit an application. Those who fulfill our internal criteria may be selected for an ambassadorial role.

This ambassadorial program is one of the numerous initiatives that will be put into effect. Two future programs already underway and many more that are in early draft phases.


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Cartesi News & Updates
Cartesi News & Updates

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