NOTHING sounds like a good idea to my EAR

By LeftFooted | Cars & tech | 18 Apr 2024

I apologise in advance for the stupid pun in the headline. I also apologise because I have to explain it which, by definition, defeats the point.

Nothing, which is a brand, unveiled a new product called Ear, which is a pair of ear buds.

I'm growing quite fond of this brand. And I suspect this may be because there are two things they got right: marketing and design.

I'm a fiend for design, and I'm fascinated by marketing. And I think a lot of people are like that.


Anyway, after buying the Nothing Phone 2a (above), I received a free one-year subscription for, which is a relatively useful tool, and of course I also received a bunch of marketing emails.

But I can't complain about it, can I?

The latest email announces the new Nothing Ear(a).


In addition to the usual buzzwords that only make sense to people who know this sort of stuff, I should point out that these ear buds are apparently equipped with a ChatGPT button.

Now that is cool.

But also useless, to me personally, because I don't use ChatGPT.

They apparently cost $99, but don't quote me on that.

Will I buy them? I need another pair of ear buds just like I need a hole in my head, so probably not. But don't quote me on that either.


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