The Coronavirus Has 0 effects on me

By Krypto Fan | Carona Outbreak | 18 Apr 2020

Now I know what you're thinking, "who the hell
does this guy think he is" but let me reassure you
that I have not been infected with covid19 and I
do not intend to mislead anyone. However, my
statement remains accurate. The coronavirus has
zero effects on me, just not in the way you think.
because of my unique living circumstances, the
coronavirus outbreak poses absolutely no threat
to me at all. Neither has it changed any aspect of
my life as it did for so many people. I must add
here that I am not in any way, shape, or form, boasting.
But rather sharing via this article what I have noticed
today while doing the dishes. How is this even
possible you may ask? well for the past 10 years
the lot of my time has been spent on the internet.
And when I say the lot, I mean north of 95% of my
time has been spent online. So basically you could
say that I've spent the last 10 years of my life in my
room on my computer. I consciously choose to keep
1 close friend at a time, and now and then he'll
swing by and we go out on the road. except for those
few days that I go out with my friend, I am always online
much like Neo in the matrix. What am I doing online you
may ask? aside from browsing through pornhub lol
As I have mentioned in previous articles I came to the
understanding of what the blockchain technology and
Cryptocurrencies are. I saw the profound change in
the financial sector that they will bring. I started working
online exclusively for cryptocurrencies, exchanging nearly
all my time to acquire as much as possible. And as a result
I've only known one life for the past 10 years which was
spent on my computer in my room. I have a farm around
the back that produces a constant supply of food and my
sister takes care of any other essentials. I've seen some
very disturbing videos lately which displays how some
people are dealing with this sudden lockdown and isolation.
One guy who was a chef and had lost his job due to covid19
ended up snapping under pressure or depression, I don't
really know whats the cause. But he killed his two sisters
and another little girl, then the people in the community
ended up killing him back out of anger. Very tragic indeed.
I used to envy people who get up and commute to work
every day, but these recent events just make me thankful
that I had spent those years learning how to make money
online from my room. And though there is currently a
pandemic circling the globe that has caused unprecedented
disruption, fear, great loss of money and lives, and also turning
many people's lives upside down. I am very humbled to say that
this coronavirus has absolutely no effects on me what so ever.




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Krypto Fan
Krypto Fan

I'm a multitasker who is passionate about a lot of things including spirituality, art, photography, writing, entrepreneurship, and cryptocurrency.

Carona Outbreak
Carona Outbreak

This blog discusses the effects of the Carona virus outbreak and my personal thoughts about the whole thing.

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