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Unstoppable Domains - How to mint for free - [Polygon (Matic) Network]

By carlkidcrypto | Carlkid Crypto | 17 Nov 2021


Hi, my fellow humans! It has been far too long since my last post. Truth be told life has gotten in the way. Not in a bad way, but in a good way! Anywho, let's talk about the latest news from Unstoppable domains. Ready?! No, well too bad here we go.

What's New

Let me put it in simple words. Gas fees are ridiculous on the Ethereum network right now. It has been expensive for Unstoppable Domains to manage and update peoples' domains. In fact, they stopped covering ETH gas for that a while back. Thanks to the power of Polygon formerly known as Matic Unstoppable Domains is now offering FREE MINTING on new domains! Here let me show you how simple it is.


The first step is to sign in or sign up. If you don't have an account you can use this link here for a special promo. 

Unstoppable domains sign up page

Next, navigate to "Domains" --> "My Domains" and hit the big "Free Mint" button. This is assuming you have already purchased a domain. If you haven't then go to "Domains" --> "Domain Search" and look for the domain name of your choice. 

Unstoppable domains free mintAfter hitting the "Free Mint" you will be presented with an option to connect to your desired wallet provider. In my case, I selected "Metamask". But first, read the warning message.

unstoppable domains message

And then you will need to verify the code sent to your email used to sign up/log in.

unstoppable domains email verification

Here are the wallet options you will see after verifying the code that is sent to your email.

unstoppable domains

Now connect your wallet and proceed to the next screen. On this screen check the "I Understand Box". Make sure that is your wallet address and that you are in control of that address.

unstoppable domain message 2Once you hit the "Confirm" button, congrats! The minting process should be on its way now. In case you forgot it was all FREE!



Yup, that was easy! Once that transaction is finished the new ERC-721 token for your domain should show up in your wallet. Although keep in mind that at the moment you can't manage your domain at all. You can only mint it. Domain management, transfers, etc. are in the works. For more details, you can read up on the Unstoppable Domains post here.

Alright, thanks folks for your time! Peace out!


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