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What up my fellow humans. It is getting harder to blog and maintain a full-time job, plus other life duties as well. You know like keeping up on the latest shows and crypto news. Most importantly, sleep! Speaking of news, Unstoppable Domains has been busy as a bee working to release their latest update. Their latest update is that "YOU CAN NOW MANAGE YOUR DOMAINS FOR FREE"! They announced this on December 1, 2021, and it is now December 13th, 2021. I am twelve days late, but who cares. Let's see how easy and 'free' it is shall we?

Step 1

Well like any website/app now in days you must log in. That's right pop in your email and password that SHOULD NOT BE 'password1234'! If it is, please change it before I lose my mind. Click on "Domains" followed by another click on "My Domains".

step 1 image

Step 2

Now, this is where the real magic happens. First, we assume a couple of things. 

  • One, you already have bought an Unstoppable Domain.
  • Two, you have claimed your domain on the Polygon Network. If you haven't then head on over to my previous post.

Great, now let us proceed forward. Click "Manage" on the domain you wish to manage.

manage button

Step 3

On this page add all the wallets that you manage and control. Currently, they support "BTC, ETH, LTC, and a few others. When you are done adding stuff hit that big button titled "Confirm Changes".  

add wallets

You'll be asked to connect your desired wallet. I am a fan of MetaMask so naturally, I clicked "MetaMask". 

wallet options picture

Then go through the prompts and at the end, you'll be asked to sign two messages. One saying "yeah I'm cool with this". And the other saying "go ahead submit the transaction for FREE!"

sign a message

And if all goes well you'll be presented with a lovely banner like this one. For me, it was at the top of my screen near the navigation menu.

message banner

Obviously clicking the "Track Progress" button will open up a window with the pending transaction. This is where it takes you and from here you can see its status.

status of transaction

Step 4

This step is the same as "Step 3" except you can link your Unstoppable Domains to a website. I'll keep it short. Go read the documentation if you want to learn more. Or maybe I'll do a post on that later as well. 


Step 5

Yup, you guessed it same as "Step 3" except apparently this feature is still in the works. Well nothing interesting to do here, let's move on to the next option. No need to mess with the GAS AND MONEY HOG ETH!

step 5, twitter

Step 6

Ob boy, I can add a public display name and description. And I can add a location. Meh, no thanks not for me! Don't need to put more public information out there. Besides facebook already knows everything about me. Then there is Google who has taken over my smart home. Looks like it is also possible to add an email address and links to social accounts. Well again not for me, but if it is for you go ahead and add that information. When you are done hit that MOFO "Confirm Changes" button at the bottom and enjoy FREE GAS!

profile information

Step 7

This one is perhaps my favorite one so far. I can set my profile picture as an NFT that I already own! Good thing I have a couple of Crypto Kitties laying around. Make sure to select your NFT, and then hit that "Confirm Changes" button again. Like "Step 3" you'll be asked to connect your wallet and sign a few messages.

NFT image

Step 8

The remaining two options are to transfer your domain to someone else or to sell it. Yet again, both of these options will require no gas fees on your part. Unstoppable Domains will be covering that for you!

transfer domain

sell domain


Well folks, there you have it. Unstoppable Domains has made it easy and free to manage your domain on the Polygon Network. I'll be posting links and resources down below. Looks to me like they are still working hard to add more changes. Stay tuned, I'll try to cover them as they are released. As for those nerds out there you can verify that it didn't cost me any gas. The two transactions I signed are below.

That's it for today. Thanks again for your time and attention. Peace out!


P.S You can use my referral link to get a discount on your first Unstoppable Domains domain. Use this link: https://unstoppabledomains.com/?ref=b93396ca123247a You'll get $10 credit.

P.P.S All images are taken from the Unstoppable Domains website.


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