Go grab some DOT on discount

During the recent fall through all crypto markets your portfolio may have lost some decent percents of its value. I hope you had diamond hands which were strong enough not to sell emotionally charged.

As the markets consolidate again it seems to be a good moment to invest if you have some money aside you don't need (and of course be able to lose - because you never know... it's crypto). For some assets it even seems to be too late to buy the dip, but others are still available on a discount. In my opinion Polkadot seems to be a really good candidate you should consider buying now. 

To me Polkadot seems to be a very innovative product with actual use cases. But let's have a look at it's price chart:

During the recent crash DOT went down to an important support line around 20$. Unlike other assets it haven't recovered too much yet. Nevertheless DOT showed it's potential during the last months' bull run so it may be a good moment to invest in DOT now. Of course you should inform yourself about the project before and DYOR! The projects homepage may be a good point to start (but it's not a good point to end your research I propose).

If you want to buy crypto Binance is a great place to do so. By using this link to register you support my work.

Thank you for reading,
Carla XOXO


Don't have money to invest in crypto right now? Go and earn some for free to be ready for the next dip!

PS: As always: I’m not a financial advisor. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing your money and never invest money you cannot afford losing!

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