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By reading the title, you already have an idea about the topic that I will be going to discuss. If you are curious and you want some tips, I will share my not so secret strategies so please keep reading.

Before I signed up, I downloaded to create a new wallet. I am using my before not until I saw @Eirolfeam2 article on leaving a good feedback regarding the wallet application. The digits you will see is my one week earnings using the and I planned to make an article about this for the very first day when I started to make some noise. I started on December 27, 2020. The platform welcomed me with a lot of big surprises, some of you discovered it already but most of you are not for sure. The picture below is my first day income here combined with

carisdaneym2 image

That is the best welcome party I received for my entire life. I’m actually quite busy that day for the reason that I was helping to prepare for my Mother’s birthday celebration. Lucky enough, I was able to publish an article before I got busy. The first person who encouraged me and helped me and inspired me to write more 3 months ago here in is no other than Sir @ErdoganTalk he may probably forgot the working student he encouraged before but I will never forget that moment. Surprisingly, I got another upvote from him worth $2. Here’s the screenshot I took from my first account.

@carisdaneym first account

December 28, 2020. I continued to post something and tried to make an interaction with the other users by commenting on their posts. I also give some tips when I like their post. What I like about it is when they allow us to have at least 20% minimum percentage that we can get and also the new update makes me want to stay awake 24/7. I like the fact that we can add photos. By doing that I wasn’t able to publish an article on considering I was busy exploring the new platform (, but at  the end of the day I earned a total amount of $4.44.

For the first two days I withdrew my income to so my bch wallet got back to zero balance. Here’s the proof. Sadly, I only got a screenshot for the 1st day of my withdrawal.

December 29, 2020. Trying to be productive and noisy, I made a 40 post in just one day. (noise user counted it just to say I am being silent on the platform) For the record, I maintain my earnings to $4 and up. I decided to hodl this and transfer to another wallet.


December 30, 2020. I just repeated my routine. I published another article and divided it into part 1-3  and decided to publish part 1 only for today. Successfully, my strategy worked so I can focus on making noise that time but also have time to make a short article on rc and this is what I got after that. another $5. I also separate the wallet but all the bch here is from and

December 31, 2020. Another busy day, I woke up early this time to buy some stuff at the market, prepare some foods to celebrate my Brother’s birthday and to welcome the year 2021. I still managed to publish part 2 of my article and posted something to make some noise. Another gift I received for this day, I got another upvote from sir @ErdoganTalk worth $2. This is also the day that I noticed my account was moved to spam every time I tried to make a comment on someone's article. I got lower earnings today.

January 01, 2021. Starting another chapter of my life and I think I deserve to rest. I decided to publish the last part but it didn’t get any upvotes from random rewarder and sir Erdogan, my earnings remain low today.

January 02, 2021. I did not publish an article because I was planning to create my new account which is this one. Happily I got back and earn more today.


Tips to get tips from others (

  • Don’t beg for tips nor subscribers. You can try to post what you feel today, what you discover in the new platform. Try to be creative on your own.

  • Try to interact with the other users. Interaction will push you through and make some noise.

  • Try to lower your percentage when you tipped someone. Effective, proven and tested.

  • Explore. The best part. If you saw a spammer, just ignore it. I always love to go to explore and find treasure. Some generous users will post shareable links from worth $1 or lower than that. I got $6 for my first day by clicking the link first. I was lucky enough to continue to find more everyday. I am not going to reveal who are the users spreading some dollars around the, I challenge you to explore and find them.



I must say that my first week is awesome. "Hard work is always be the key for you to success" - @carisdaneym2

Author's Note

Hi thank you for reading until the end. I hope I share some information that will really help you. God bless :)


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