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It's been ten months already when the COVID-19 started to spread here in our country and ruined my year 2020. Experiencing this kind of situation makes my life harder. Supposedly, I have a part-time job to support my financial needs at school but it happened that the government implies some rules and regulations that include the need and cooperation of closing all of the business establishments (except for the basic necessities) With that, I need to stop working to ensure my safety and also to be safe from coronavirus, that is one of the reasons why our university decided to close the campus for everyone and also the reason why we have asynchronous classes for now. Being lucky enough, my scholarship saved me this last semester and it did not cause any problem at all except for having a poor internet connection.


I am studying right now at Central Luzon State University (CLSU) and that is one of the best moments of my life that I wanted to be remembered until the end. Allow me to share some fun facts about this university.

CLSU is a state university on a Six hundred fifty-eight (658) hectares campus in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. It is also known as one of the premier institutions for agriculture in the Philippines and Southeast Asia for its research in aquaculture, ruminants, crops, orchard, and water management (For your information, Central Luzon is the rice granary of the Philippines) CLSU has also been placed between sixth and twenty-first spot for the most academically-excellent university in the country for various years. (okay, I am not bragging tho, just a mere student of clsu being proud.)

I'm obsessed with history so please kindly watch this :> ( It's quite interesting so I suggest that you shouldn't miss this one).


Did you watch the video? it is quite mind-blowing and I wonder if you wanna study here now. I'm in love with this university so please allow me to share some images and video clips to convince you why I love studying here.

Going to this kind of place is one of my most memorable escape, the peacefulness here allows me to make time for myself also to release all of my stress, anger, hatred, and everything that will be toxic to have with because our university is my favorite place so far to escape from the reality.

You might want to know about Lingap Kalikasan, it is also known as "little Baguio"the favorite place of many students to hang out and relax, It is somehow like a miniature of Baguio city for the reason that it has a relaxing ambiance view. It may not be famous as other tourist destinations but I am proud to say that having this kind of place inside our university is amazing because you will see the beauty of nature and you will be in love with this for sure.

When I say that this university is my escape, in reality, It is because of the amazing places inside the university, the relaxing views, a quiet and peaceful place. Hearing the sounds of the birds is singing, watching the trees dancing, seeing the faces of students who also enjoy their college life makes me forget all of my problems such as failed exams, terror professors, and toxic block mates.




Looking at this wonderful view, makes me want to visit our beloved university and wishing that the pandemic will end soon so that we can go back to what we usually do in our daily lives but I'm not referring to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend considering that they might hurt you again. (a friendly reminder)

Photo credits from Fred Bart.

We also have our own mini Luneta Park where Dr. Jose P. Rizal the National Hero of the Philippines was featured. This place reminds me of our meaningful memories. We always go here whenever we wanted to have some fun because this is much closer to the canteen and karaoke. This place is quite famous for shooting role plays too.

Photo credits from Fred Bart

Walking here every day at 6:00 am makes me want to sleep again but I cannot since I have a class to attend (I'll save it later). There are so many beautiful places here but I can't show them all to you so I decided to choose some of them.

CLSU ROTCU Facebook page

Proudly typing here, I am one of those people who stand there to endure the heat and thirst for the sake of grades lol hahaha just kidding. I love the ROTC family. <3 ( forgive me for the low-quality pic)

Central Luzon State University is quite amazing because Tuition is FREE! thanks to President Duterte for funding the Education sector. (maybe add some more to our Agricultural sector because they help our economy!). The tuition is free, the professors are indeed good, the ambiance is wonderful, more opportunities to get a scholarship and oh, let me include our library because I am one of the beneficiaries of free WIFI and Computer laboratory :> ( and the air conditioner is what I love there because I can sleep easily haha) do you want to study on our university too? well, all you need to do is passed the entrance exam and enjoy the enrollment process because that might be one of the most unforgettable experiences ever.

The best part of this article is my favorite event every year which is Our Lantern Festival!

This is kinda bit long now and I think I am just writing nonsense here haha but in the end, I just wanted to say that our university is indeed amazing.


Author's Note:

Thank you for reading, God bless!

Again,sorry for the typo and grammatical errors.

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