Introducing Gingermuns

By Cardamun | Cardamun | 31 Mar 2022

In our previous story we introduced our vision for the Cardamun token on the Cardano network and what we think light-hearted and clever design can bring to the ecosystem.

We’ve since been hard at work on our first NFT series: Gingermuns.

Our little gingerbread cake guys are hand crafted by our in-house illustrator, who has been baking hard on some really wacky and creative designs.

Members of our Discord server have been getting some treats in the form of teasers for the past few weeks, but now we’re ready to show more designs and make a proper introduction.

Have a look over on our Instagram to see the collection so far

When ready each Gingermun from the collection will come with a bonus airdrop in the form of a sizeable chunk of MUN tokens, to be delivered to each initial buyer.

We hope you have enjoyed this short preview. Any feedback is of course welcome. Want to dress up our Gingermuns in some particular outfit or theme? Then this is the time to contact us and let us know, and we promise to take whatever you’re proposing into consideration. Or outright steal it.

Also, don’t forget about the ongoing Early Bird distribution campaign for MUN tokens: We’re giving away 860,000 MUN tokens, claimable once per month (as per the updated rules).

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Bringing the cardamom flavour to Cardano


Bringing the cardamom flavour to Cardano

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