Spores Network - 3 main news of the project! Launch date. New partnership. LP Staking Program.

Spores Network - 3 main news of the project! Launch date. New partnership. LP Staking Program.

By Carbodex | Carbodex | 19 Sep 2021


Hi. Today I would like to share with you the latest news on the Spores project. This is really important news that can cause the coin to grow in the next 30 days. We love to make a profit! Even a pair of x2 can always please us.

What are Spores?

Cross-chain trading platform. Which will handle the NFT. Provide a wide range of services to the market, for NFT trading, NFT stacking and other positions related to NFT. Convenient and decentralized platform. Failed IDO. The initial work will be configured to interact with the Etherim network. The rest of the blockchains will be gradually added throughout the year.

This will be useful for those who do not follow these projects or are just exploring opportunities to invest in NFT platforms.


New partners.

New partnerships are always excellent proof of the relevance of a project. Especially when your partner is already successful in the market. On September 17th, we learned about a new partnership with the wonderful Netvrk project. According to the news, the project will use the Spores platform as a trading platform. This means that the technical part of the issue is closed and the Spores project can fully implement partnership agreements. A good partner will positively influence the economics of the Spores project.

The official tweet from @Spores_Network

This news is also posted on the official channel Netvrk.

If you would like to read the full news about this partnership. Medium: Link

Platform launch!


The most important thing is that the platform works. No doubt about it. Now we know the exact launch date of the platform September 29th, 2021. In the next 10 days, the project will start working and will fulfil the assigned tasks. In my opinion, the launch of the platform should cause the price of the coin to rise. Because a work product is valued better than empty promises. The project is ready and soon we will have the opportunity to test it!

The official tweet from @Spores_Network

LP Staking Program

This is the latest news for today. The project announced the launch of short-term stacking for 30 days! "We're topping up an additional 1,000,000 SPO tokens for the next 30 days with current APY at 540%." We have a great opportunity to increase profits before launching a project. This should please both investors and users who are just considering working with the platform.

The official tweet from @Spores_Network


The End!

This week the project team has done a lot of work to please their investors and enter the market. New partners, good stacking and, most importantly, the launch of the platform! I do not doubt that the project will continue to grow and develop. Today I spend a lot of time studying this project and I can advise you to add the SPO token to your portfolio by the 29th. The best option would be to send it for stacking to get the maximum profit in a short time.





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🔊Only the best projects on the blockchain. 🔊ICO Review. 🔊 Bounty program. 😁Welcome!😁

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