Phuture project and technical characteristics of this project.

Phuture project and technical characteristics of this project.


Today I would like to tell you in more details about the mechanisms of Phuture and technical characteristics of this project.

But first, let me briefly remind you that Phuture is a platform where anyone can form his own indexes from a variety of available crypto assets or invest in indexes already created by others to diversify his investments without much effort. Phuture is currently under development and so far only has a test version of its app, and a PHTR token launched on the main Ethereum network, which can now be used to make money from farming and staking.

And according to plans from the original roadmap, Phuture was supposed to launch on the core network in Q3 2021. But now it's Q4 and so far Phuture is still in test mode. But that's not surprising, because Phuture is not some copy of a more successful project that could be up and running in a couple of days. The Phuture team creates a really unique product with a lot of unusual technological solutions.

First of all, anyone can create indexes from tokens on Phuture. And the entire architecture of the Phuture platform is initially designed with this fact in mind. The Phuture team is preparing in advance for the fact that there will be dozens or even hundreds of indexes on the platform. And each of them will need liquidity.

To do this, the Phuture protocol uses an API solution from the 0x project, which allows you to pull liquidity for Phuture indexes from third-party decentralized exchanges. And Phuture users will not have to manually enter every token available in the index when creating their indexes - it will all happen automatically. And for example, it will be possible to create an index of 10 tokens, but for liquidity contribute only one asset, which will be automatically exchanged for the tokens needed to provide the index.

Secondly, it will not be users who control the value and composition of indexes on the Phuture platform. Phuture will use a smart rebalancing system. And this system is also being developed with an infinite number of indexes in mind, so the Phuture team is trying to optimize it as much as possible. And instead of checking each index separately, the rebalancing system will track only the prices of specific assets, and if some asset rises or falls in price, the algorithm will rebalance it at once in all indexes, thereby saving a significant amount of network commissions.

And it will be quite difficult to cheat this system by manipulating prices or using instant credits, because data in Phuture smart contracts will come aggregated from several oracles.

Validators, called custodians, will help rebalance indexes in Phuture. Any user who provides PHTR tokens will be able to become a custodian. Validators will receive awards for their work, for which the Keeper project will be responsible in Ethereum network, and due to transactions with its liquidity pools, Phuture system will generate awards for validators. And with the transition to other blockchains, Phuture validators will be rewarded initially through treasury reserves of PHTR tokens, and once the indexes start generating sufficient commission income, the system will stop using reserves and start rewarding validators through commissions and redemption of PHTR tokens from the market.

In addition, validators in the Phuture system will also be involved in controlling and optimizing reserves. The team also plans to optimize this part of the project as much as possible, so that, on the one hand, there will always be enough reserves to ensure solvency, but at the same time these reserves will not lie idle and can bring additional profit to the project.

However, the most important thing is that Phuture users will not have to pay attention to all these complicated technical details. The creators of Phuture understand that indexes are mostly used by newcomers to the crypto market who find it difficult to build an independent portfolio of assets. That is why Phuture interface will be as simple and clear as possible and indexes will be created in just a few clicks.

And at the moment, while the Phuture project is under development, you can still earn from it with the liquidity farming program, which is available for PHTR tokens paired with ETH, USDC and FARM tokens from the Harvest Finance project. Farming is now generating returns of over 100% annually, and the Harvest Finance platform has additional airdrop awards on the Fertilizer program for PHTR pharmacists.

So while you are waiting for the launch of the main Phuture platform, you can earn PHTR tokens in liquidity pools and therefore get quite a good profit.


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