3 Altcoins I Recently Bought #showmyportfolio

3 Altcoins I Recently Bought #showmyportfolio

By Chenhuang_defi | CanUHodl | 7 Jul 2019

As a part of the #showyourportfolio competition, today I’m going to show you some tokens that I’ve recently gotten interested in. These are also exchange-focused tokens and that’s because I think these kinds of tokens will make give high returns as exchanges tie their features and services to it. There seems to be a lot of participants in the contest, so I'm not optimistic about winning, but I hope I do


That’s all, just a quick look at 3 exchange tokens. Good if you have been interested in tokens like this.

Binance Coin (BNB)


Binance is obviously the first of these tokens that you should buy. You can just see why in the price charts. It’s been one of the best performing coins since the start of the year. 

The reasons are also obvious: Binance offers lower fees when you use the BNB in trading, and investing in ICOs through its ICO Launchpad is another attractive element. In fact, Binance’s whole ecosystem is pretty well integrated, as BNB runs on the Binance Chain, while the Binance DEX and Launchpad serve as other strong features of the platform.351665157-add272aef9fad24de5a7f7f7cbe88fcba18c1a2de9e946a501011375caa0b649.jpeg

The real reason to invest in it (and probably the best exchange token choice) is because Binance incubating ideas with its research division. You can expect BNB to have uses there. 



QASH is a token used on the Liquid platform, developed by Quione. The ERC-20 token fills a still pretty big gap in the exchange space i.e. it is difficult to cash out cryp351665157-76a197015a28fceb9cbbf980461d1f8b0bb06ba24b8fa1501bad576ec48c10e4.jpegto into fiat funds. Liquid really highlights its fiat features and is working on additional features that will make crypto-fiat a smaller barrier. 

The other benefits of QASH is similar to BNB - you get lower fees, discounts etc. As the name suggests, Liquid’s biggest goal is liquidity and it has a world order book that aggregates orders from different exchanges, and QASH will be a good option for trading if that succeeds.



This one will be a little controversial because it has to do with Bitfinex, which many are now avoiding because of the whole investigation into its finances. There are a bunch of similar benefits to what is offered with other exchange tokens, but on top of that, token holders have a 15% discount on takers fees on crypto trades, and lower withdrawal and lending rates.351665157-d529e1be4a91f7ef8a0d8fdbe8ee538bf84ad0fb77594db64b1654f6d48d2ef2.jpeg

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Here I explain what all of my favourite tokens are :)


I canz hodl. Canz you?

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