Steem OG Day 16 Flower

By skylinebuds | Cannabis Blog | 31 Dec 2019

Been a week or so that I have updated on any of my plants. But I will start off saying happy holidays to everyone.

This is going to be one of the best updates I have made in a while as the steem OG I have been growing for the last while has shown some them awesome white hairs.

I have never actually pulled a photoperiod plant off indoors. I have pulled off plenty of autos indoors and outdoor photoperiod plants.

If you have not followed this grow I have flipped my 2x3 tent that has 4 photoperiod plants, 3 seedsmen big nug and 1 steem OG.

I have not really made many if any post of the big nug but I'll have to do an update on that next time. 

It has now been 16 days that these have flipped and I think I should have waited another week cause I think they still had some transplant shock and maybe even still a small bit of ph damage so 1 more week would have healed that more.

You can see from this photo here that the white hairs have started to show and that can only be a sign that Steem OG will be showing them buds any day now.



Please come on over to steem @ for more photos and updates today

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