Steem OG Clone #1 - Day 1

By skylinebuds | Cannabis Blog | 1 Jan 2020

Well first off happy new years to everyone.


I have had some clone that I cut right before I put my 2x3 tent in to flower, This tent has 4 small cannabis plants 1 of them happens to be called steem OG it is from a buddy in California that sent some seeds my way.


You can view some more Information on that plant here and here. That is the logs of the mother of steem OG clone. 


Day 1 




As you can see from this photo the first Steem OG clone has given me a great surprise on new years day. I was quite shocked to see this many roots grew overnight as I check my plants nightly when lights turn on for the night.

This baby Steem OG has been planted in the .5 gallon pot to get a start at life, I have topped the pot up with EWC and perlite with a clean 6.5 PH water.


If you want a weedcash/steem account with no wait dm me here for an account.

You can join me and fellow canna growers over on discord, You can ask for an invite here or more information on weedcash/steem

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