Pink Yoda - strain review

Pink Yoda - strain review

By skylinebuds | Cannabis Blog | 16 Feb 2020

Have you ever wanted to smoke yoda? Ok maybe not smoke him but to meet him would be pretty epic. Star wars is one if not my favorite series around for a movie, Yes even the new ones cause as a fan I love the story.


I have tried to do some research on this strain called pink yoda, Find it I can not, Do my own Review I must. Master Yoda I find? Maybe that is the strain and someone just renamed to pink yoda?

I was thinking by the looks this was a kush for sure and I was thinking that it may well be a pink kush crossed with OG kush. Don't quote me on this strain I am unsure I was told pink yoda and yoda master is crossed from OG kush and Master kush. I have never had master yoda so this very well could be that.

I am going to say this is an indica dom hybrid for sure.


The Review

Smell 8


The smell on this was a kush smell it was, It had a really kushy piney smell that was not very potent of a smell till I busted open flower.

Looks 9



This was perfectly cured, The amount shine this had was just topped off with the almost pink looking red hairs,

Taste 9



This one was awesome shock with the hit of kush with a small citrus after taste to it.

Buzz 8



I think with the buzz on this flower It is really good for pain relief as the body buzz that I got from this was so relaxing. This one will put LIGHT weights out pretty quick





If you got any information on this tasty strain called pink yoda let me know. I will say it is a try if you ever get the chance to

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