Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Grow 3 - #9

By skylinebuds | Cannabis Blog | 25 Apr 2022

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Today I present mostly the video and some photos, I could write a small update but watch the video for that haha.

AJoHEDYtoi6zcwqqnD3twTvdjETf9w1wMccBfwokaKvr88Rio9so5wAsfciGkcd.jpg @bifbeans auto doing good AKNJxkh4AzMEDeVizGtRqawJFSKdTx26hUHje8E6DmJ1xFTraxjf3c3Agv4Sz4E.jpg Random Auto No Shock AK9PHDNQYhYrdGtVvu3W8bjCw7UWmpFHoY1D9Uoc7WvCiXom7vgPot8AyJsiaud.jpg Old Pepper Doing Good AJpjXRjY5TMvUFB9LBctvaidUGYaSZqNTjLdeu1QaWizaMscVto6zEQXQaE8h2K.jpg Peas AK9PD6J4ypXN7GBAS6WTwm3TcJ3RJeAEX9Bx9PKTbDhWPXLM3Bn1swtmXECJpNC.jpg Transplant AKSc6tdDvcBWvCjtiuFAWr5KubCjdzcerqV456UXMSRKvMs7HZoYydCeVQfFuam.jpg Isopods

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