Lavender - cannabis - strain review

Lavender - cannabis - strain review

By skylinebuds | Cannabis Blog | 17 Feb 2020

This Lavender Cannabis Strain Review was originally written from an old blog at that you can find the link at the bottom of the post, I am moving my old reviews and grows over to my blog slowly.


This strain review was written at a previous date over on a site that has major problems so I am bringing these reviews over to other places. You can MAYBE get these to load

Lavender Strain


lavender is the awesome work of some strains I have not heard of around the cannabis culture, It was bread by none other than soma seeds, If you are interested here is a great blog about who [Soma]( is. If you are unfamiliar with soma seeds they are another great breeder out of Amsterdam. The strains that I was able to find made up this purple strain are Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean and Afghani Hawaiian, I know we all have had the chance to try some skunk I mean it is one the best-known strains around and the other 2 are crosses and I have heard of let alone try them so they are two more strains added to my list of strains to try.

The Review


Smell 8 

The lavender has got its name not only by the dark purple hue from it. I am also going to guess it would be the fact that this actually has a nice lavender smell to it. I have to say I have never smelt a strain that smelt like this. It had a nice little fruity smell to it, but I am not sure what strain that comes from as it is truly is a mix of strains.


Looks 8

I am starting to see a lot of purple strains come around and this was no doubt one the strong ones in that look. The trichomes are super heavy and caked on this like a grape sour candy. This batch is a little dry to me but that can just be a case of being a bit older but it is nothing a humidity pack can't handle.


Taste 8

I was hoping when I first lit this strain up it was not going to be tasting like lavender and lucky me it was not at all a flower taste but a nice sweet berry taste with a hint of earthy after taste.

Buzz 9 

You ever just can't sleep and you wish you always had that strain on hand that was a pretty sure bet at putting you to sleep?, Well let me tell you this would be that strain. It is a true indica with a very heavy body buzz that I can say will knock most out quickly.




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