CannaBasics #5: Methods of Smoking Cannabis

By Bologna | CannaBasics | 5 Mar 2021

Smoking cannabis is often one's introduction to cannabis, whether it be a joint, pipe, bong, or any other method. Smoking cannabis used to be the most popular form of consuming cannabis, but has gradually been overtaken by other forms like edibles.  


file.jpgnsplsh_704f2d383156464b373849~mv2_d_5616_3744_s_4_2.webp       Smoking from a pipe is one of the most common forms of smoking cannabis. Smoking from a pipe is straight forward, often having a bowl where the ground cannabis goes and a hole to regulate airflow. One would put one's thumb over the hole while lightly inhaling in order to fill the chamber, the part where smoke fills. One would remove one's thumb to let air in and to allow the chamber to empty (in to one's lungs).  


file.jpgnsplsh_61367938746a324b314851~mv2_d_2048_2560_s_2.webp       Bongs are like pipes with bigger chambers and water filtration. Smoke travels through water in a bong, cooling the smoke and allowing for a smoother hit than with other methods. Bongs give a much larger hit than other methods of smoking cannabis as well. There are also variations on the bong, including the gravity bong, which operates using air pressure.  


file.jpgnsplsh_2c3f0d1e647b48df80e9716ccaa155cb~mv2.webp       Joints are a very common form of cannabis consumption. Joints consist of ground cannabis rolled in paper. Joints often require more cannabis than other forms of smoking and is often wasteful as the joint is constantly burning, regardless of whether or not someone is hitting it.  


file.jpgnsplsh_6373676e597071466d5038~mv2_d_3790_3790_s_4_2.webp       Blunts are very similar to joints except that blunts are rolled in a tobacco leaf or cigar wrap rather than rolling paper. Blunts often require more cannabis than the other methods listed in this article, and like joints, blunts can also be wasteful as it is continuously burning.  

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