🍳 GEM Radar 07/22 - ETH, APE, CRV & SNX signals

By Candlestick | Candlestick | 22 Jul 2022




Top Net Buy Value Tokens



WETH Net Buy Amount

WSTETH price $1,697 is above WETH/ ETH price of $1,608.

A bullish signal of ETH and Ethereum2?

WSTETH Net Buy Value has remained positive for the past 9 days.




$APE has been up and down between $5.68 – $6.8 in the recent 3 days.

When the price significantly fluctuates, profitable opportunities for swing trading.

Applying the Net Buy Amount golden rule that we shared before, around 13.6% profit you can get from APE swing trading.



👉 Swing Trading with Net Buy Amount Indicator




CRV +24% in 24h. 

3 data signals reveal a strong support price of $1.3.

1. CRV Net Buy Amount surged when the price was at $1.31



2. CRV Trading Volume increased largely at the price of $1.3



3. CRV Turnover Rate recorded daily ATH at $1.3





Monitor Live CEX Inflow to Alert Risks of Large Token Sell


CEX flow is a practical signal to alert the followed-up risk of large token sales. 

CEX Inflows: traders deposit tokens on CEX, more likely for selling.

Top CEX Net Inflow:

Formula: Tokens deposits to CEXs – Tokens withdrawals from CEXs.

Condition: An ascension in CEX Net Outflows for a particular token may indicate increasing sale activities on centralized exchanges.

Signal: Bearish



Take SNX for an example. The Top CEX Net Inflow token list alerts the increase of CEX inflow of SNX. Click to check the details to compare the real-time inflow volume with the previous ones.


Candlestick records two large negative CEX Outflows on Jul 22 at 01:00UTC & Jul 22 at 05:00UTC. These two CEX Outflows are significant compared with the previous outflows. The SNX token price dropped 4.4% afterward.



How to Trade Smarter with Token Liquidity Indicators?


Two opposing behaviors in LPs: Add Liquidity & Remove Liquidity, which reflect their different attitudes toward a particular token.

Add Liquidity: LPs put tokens to the trading pairs because they believe more traders will trade with this token and generate trading fees. It is an optimistic action as these added tokens are transferred to the DEXs. 

Remove Liquidity: LPs remove tokens from the trading pairs and give up future rewards, most likely for selling.

👉 8 Signals of Token Liquidity


Token Liquidity Indicators: 

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Do you know Live Trading Signals are FREE to Access?



Live Trading data are real-time signals for Alpha crypto traders. Live Trading signals include:

  • DEX Trades
  • CEX Flow
  • Add/Remove Liquidity
  • Approve Tokens on DEX

All with Smart Money Mode.



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