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By canadians4crypto | canadians4crypto | 19 Mar 2020

  With Convid19 dominating the headlines and all of sports on lockdown, I thought this would be a great time to pickup a hobby and not only expand my mind but hopefully the minds of my future (fingers crossed) readers. Born into the 70's I have had the opportunity to experience some of the greatest and absolutely soul crushing moments in Toronto sports history.

Over the years I was delighted to witness Six Grey Cups, Back to back World Series' an NBA Championship and an MLS cup all lifted in the name of our beautiful, multicultural city! I remember how sweet it tasted after Dave Stieb blew 4 no hitters and finally completing one in Cleveland. I cherished when Vince Carter put the NBA on notice in his dunkoff and I finally got to watch the birth of The Canadian Premier League.

But every sports fan knows the journey to the top is everybit as exciting as getting there. How can one savour the delight of a championship without the bitterness and heartbreak of defeat. Watching as our adopted Bills managed to lose four consecutive Superbowls wasn't fun, watching as Rugned Odor ended Jose Bautistas spark with one punch was an eye opening experience and I shouldn't have to remind you about the watching the Toronto Maple Leafs!

Absolutely Painful.

Toronto sports hasn't always been kind to us, but certainly the beauty of sport is that it without a shadow of a doubt has entertained us every single day of the year! From Vince Carter essentially quitting on the franchise to Tie Domi getting attacked (and rightfully so) from an enraged flyers fan; this city and it's fanbase around the globe has had a great deal of controversial and stunning moments.

Sports has a way of mirroring life, from heartbreak and watery eyes to gossbumps and tears of joy. Even though Convid19 has temporarily stopped the soap opera that is sports, I can certainly appreciate that lives come first. Right now it may seem like the world is crumbling in front of our eyes but at least I can look forward to when the whistle once again blows and Toronto sports can adds another page to it's historic book and to my memory.

Even though sports is on hold, my opinions have not. More to come!

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