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Will it grow?

By Vexxor | Can it be done? | 3 Feb 2021

I am not a finance kind of guy. I do not know much of anything, let alone anything about crypto. But I am sharing my journey to turn a few free dollars into as much as possible. So welcome to my journey. 

Not to long ago, I saw someone giving away crypto on TikTok (of all places right?) and it perked my interest. Not the giveaway, but how did crypto put someone in a position to give away a flash drive with 1 ETH?  I didn’t look to much into it, but I did decide to sign up with coinbase. 

Coinbase gave me the ability to start this journey. I know I won’t find huge gains, but we can dream right? I completed my little earn tasks and had some crypto in hand. $14 isn’t a lot, but it is a place to start. 

I have begun reviewing the charts in an attempt to make sense of any pattern that reveal themselves. So with no knowledge, and pure gut intuition we will see where we can go. I hope at least one of you will join me for this ride. 

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I want to do nothing.... ever....

Can it be done?
Can it be done?

I am new to this crypto revolution. My wife is so skeptical that she won’t allow me to use and our finances to dabble, yet I know the potential is there. People are becoming incredibly wealthy off of minimal investments. Now, I am not an eloquent man, but I have decided to see what I can do with just a little bit of free crypto, and document my progress, so please hang with me. I started with $14 worth of free Lumens and have worked up to $18.65. It isn’t much, but it is a start....

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