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Hi everyone , today has been an interesting day. I got up at 6 am to get on my trading account, I use my own scans to look for stock. So I have a couple I use everyday. One  I use is price at or under $10.00( only have $500 in it) with volume of at least 500,000. The second one I use the most is price < $10, plus 10 cent or more net change, and finally has the 500,000 volume to it. And then I also use thinkorswim's top 10, top 10 % gain/net gain . I can usually find at least 4 to watch  from these list. My win rate is about 55 %. I would do ok but I haven't got my emotions in check. It is very important to have a plan or strategy before starting . Give yourself guidelines to follow for every trade.  So as you can assume I have loss money overall. its around 500 dollars so far over about a 5 month period. When I first got into this back in Sept. 2020 I open a practice account with TC2000 and still have it .I started with 100,000 in the practice account , it is now at 240,000,000,000 billion. I have realized by using this one that you really need money to make money . And you for sure need to buy at least 100 shares of the stock to get some type of nice profit. I average around 40 to 50 dollars on my gains in my real account.  Also back in December 2020 started to check out financial new letters   . What I soon realized with them , they are good but you seem to get a lot of junk along with them.  I also get a lot of them trying to get me to upgrade . It seems like each group has about 5 other news letter that they do . The average nice ones seem to run you about 1000 to 2500 dollars. And do you notice they always say that they use to work for some big hedge fund or financial institutions. That their main goal now is to help the average person/ consumer traders, then in that same breath try to get more money out of you. It gets so frustrating. And they all seem to know each other and are always trying to get you to check out each other promotional videos. Or when you see a news letter that says " I want to give the ticker and name of this company that will skyrocket at least 100 % , so just sign up". So I have done this a lot. I did this about 20 times, with each video averaging about an hour in length. Each time I did this, I expecting to get the name and ticker . What I got  from the video was " I will give it to you just as long as you buy a prescription to my news letter" And then they say wthey will throw in these bonus reports for free. I don't care about the bonus , I don't want to subscript to your news letter . What I want is the ticker and name of the company.  And the whole time they continually keep saying I just want to help the average person be financial secure. And the whole video is just them talking about there track records. Well what I think is no, you just want yourself to be financially secure. Just think about this, $1000 a person , they get 1000 people to sign up , thats 100,000 dollars . I know that they have costs and research teams to pay , but  come on, that 1000 people is the very low end of it I think. And at the same time you know they are trading with that money and their own money . So if they are as good as they say that $100,000 will grow very quickly. On my practice account if I get 100,000 dollars of a stock at $120.00 per share is 833 shares. the ones that are high usually can move from 1 to 10 dollars . so at that movement, they make 8,330 dollars. That movement usually only takes up to 5 days to get there. So then you take that and multiple it by 48 (for 48 weeks out of the year) and that $100,000 (1000 prescriptions) has now  became 399,840 plus $100,000 to equal around half a million dollars. That is probably their worse case event.  Meanwhile I only have $1000 in my trading to begin with so I have at best made 1,920 plus my $1000 to equal $3000 at best . Don't you think something is wrong with that picture. And none of them news letters want to help you out by giving you maybe the scans they use to find things. Most of them just say" And the great part about us is  that we do all the work, just sit back and receive our recommendations. We will tell you what to get, when  to get it  and when to get out" This is smart on their part, keep us clueless , keep getting our money. A lot of them also have automatic renewal , convenient right ( another means to keep us clueless). So in conclusion ,I want to start my own chat group where consumer traders can go for free , and everyone just helps each other . That's what I want to do, that is why I told you guys what scans I use and what platform I do it on.   I also seen robinhood started trading on the new york stock exchange. It has gone from a low of 33.35 to the high of  40.25(as of 12:09 pm smt). I hope they achieve their goal price. I also on my practice account got this etf..... ticker ICE. it is a crypto currancy one. And it pays dividends, but dividends is a whole other topic I will talk about another day. I have about 25 of them in my practice account so that I can keep an eye on them .Well I think the financial new letters are ok,  but they should be a lot cheaper and they need to stop all the junk emails, and all that promoting of other news letters/people . I will not renew them . I also found one guy who takes these promoting videos and researches them and gives us the tickers and name of companies  to us for free. When I get another one of his, I will write it down and then give it to everyone . Free is the right price. If you truely just want to help people, just do it. It is not like if they give it to us for free , they will some how not make as much money on there trade. It could only help them . Ok I have rumbled on long enough, thanks for reading . I leave on my usual note. I am blessed to have the ability to trade stocks, and that I really enjoy it( great for my A.D.D mind). May your day give you a smile, laughter and happyness. 


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I am a 51 year man in a 20 year interracial relationship. So I have had my eyes opened for me with humanity. Nothing surprises me anymore.

can-am citizen
can-am citizen

writing about my interracial marriage, my A.D.D and life's challenges.

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