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By can-amcitizen | can-am citizen | 17 Jul 2021

ok ,hi everyone . It is time for an update. I now found out that my brother-in-law is power of attorney over my mom. I mean really just over the money and property. my aunt who i trust has power of health care . He is not telling me anything at all. I was also told by a relative that he did not pay one month at the long term care place. I called his lawyer to try to find out who is the power of attorney , is there is a will .They told me that they would look into it and call me back. this was on Friday morning around 11:00 am. The funny thing about that was my aunt who is trying to help me just left their office about 5 minutes before this, they told her nothing either. So I know they had the paperwork right in front of them when I called.  before I was included in the will , now I don't know. And his lawyer  told my Aunt that only the people in my moms will can get this information.  my Aunt on the original will was power of attorney. All I really want of my moms is her old records and her spoon collection. But he is blocked me from everything. I am afraid he will not pay for her long term care place and keep the money for himself. I don't want my mom to be kicked out of the care place . I have tried texting and calling him but no response. So I am going to call a lawyer on Monday and find out my options. And the final straw for me is that I was told that my brother-in-law was emotionally abusing my mom, bulling her so bad that he would make her cry, along with bulling my sister. So I am very mad , and  upset. My wife tells me that maybe my brother-in-law is just in a really bad place emotionally and mentally. I know he has  health issues himself  for years now, but I just don't know if I can just forgive  or if I can even understand his position at all right now. All that matters to me is my mom and that she is taking care of. I am struggling with my sisters death and this. I guess I am just in shock. It was just so of the blue and so fast. One week she is sick and has cancer, days later she is just gone. I think another hard thing about this all,  is that my brother-in-law is already talking about selling my moms house and she is not even gone yet. I think that is just disrespectful, especially that he got to stay there rent free for 30 plus years.  Well I can never complain my life is slow and boring. I did another stock trade on Friday. Lost about 18 dollars, which is not bad. My worst loss was 245.00 dollars in one trade. I am learning the hard way that emotions have to stay out of your trading . You need to give yourself rules/guide to follow and stick to it. Research different methods until you find the one that fits your personality. My wife is having a tough week too. Her stomach is giving her some extra pain , food and drink is hard to get down. She barely getting in her proteins and water levels that she needs. I had to watch my father die slowly for 7 years , he was a very active outdoorsy guy , but he slowly lost he ability to do those things. He became bitter and mean, it was horrible to watch.  Its hard seeing the one you love struggling and there is absolutely nothing you can do to help her. So everyone please pray for her, she can use all the goodness you can give. Well time to go and figure out how  I can  help my mom stay in the long term care place and make sure she will be ok. Oh , by the way I am doing ok myself, I am always ok. I have a strong body and mind, I get through everything. So thanks for listening to me and for all your  prays. Leaving on a good note again, I am blessed that today I got to work around my house outside in nature, it always grounds me and gives me energy to keep fighting a good fight. Until next time everyone. May the universe bless you all and keep laughing and loving. Its the key to a happy/spiritually happy good life.


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I am a 51 year man in a 20 year interracial relationship. So I have had my eyes opened for me with humanity. Nothing surprises me anymore.

can-am citizen
can-am citizen

writing about my interracial marriage, my A.D.D and life's challenges.

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