Decentralized Autonomy & DEXs Listings - December Report

By Fushuma | Fushuma | 1 Feb 2024


Note: This article was originally published under the Callisto Network blog. We are now evolving into Fushuma, a community-driven blockchain leveraging advanced ZK-Rollup technology for low fees and high throughput.

In Fushuma, FUMA token holders drive on-chain governance by making decisions on network upgrades and project funding. As the ecosystem grows, they are rewarded with tokens airdropped from funded initiatives.

Learn more about our transition and the exciting developments ahead for Fushuma here.

Welcome to a new year for Callisto and Callistonians.

Our early focus as 2024 begins is on improving the Callisto Network website. We believe this process is crucial to the message we want to convey to the crypto world at large: CLO has a big future and an important role to play in the EVM ecosystem.

Here’s what we’ve achieved so far:

We’ve sped up the home page’s navigation to provide a quicker and more responsive user experience. Moreover, we have the metrics to highlight the following data:

  • Total CLO Supply
  • Total CLO Burned
  • Total CLO Frozen
  • Percentage of Frozen CLO
  • Total CLO Wallets

These improvements, we believe, are important for enhancing the browsing experience. But we can tell you as well that the landing page will be subject to a profound update.

Second, we’ve built a page highlighting the advantages of the secure, decentralized, and community-powered Callisto Network Bridge to unite blockchains, offering unparalleled connectivity through Callisto’s security standards—the highest standards in crypto.

The Callisto Network bridge (you can read about it here) enables the seamless transfer of assets and information across blockchain ecosystems, enhancing interoperability and facilitating the movement of tokens between independent chains. This is the future of blockchain, as the universe of decentralized apps (dApps) explodes in number and as crypto users increasingly hop between chains to chase investment opportunities or pursue on-chain services.

Callisto’s cross-chain bridge is paving the way for innovation and collaboration among developers, traders, and blockchain enthusiasts.

Along the same lines, we’ve introduced Wrapped CLO webpageknown as ccCLO.

We see this as an innovative solution to bridge out native Callisto Network coin (CLO) across different blockchain platforms. As with all wrapped coins and tokens, ccCLO is a tokenized version of CLO that maintains a one-to-one ratio, meaning that each ccCLO token represents an equivalent CLO coin reserved on the Callisto Network.

Wrapped CLO significantly enhances the flexibility and liquidity of CLO itself, enabling ccCLO to transcend the limits of its native blockchain. Users can now leverage the value of their Callisto coins across various blockchain environments, facilitating transactions and interactions with a broader range of cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications, including DeFi/restaking opportunities increasingly popping up in the EVM ecosystem.

You’ll also see that we are taking a bold step to harmonize the environmental impact of the crypto mining activities of $CLO.

Through our “One Earth, One Heart” campaign, Callisto Network and SOY Finance have set out to relieve some of the human suffering occurring across various corners of our planet. You can read about all we’ve been up to on our redesigned page here.

We’re also highlighting the up-to-date insights on the CallistoNFT Standard that brings efficiency and security improvements to the ERC721 standard that currently rules the world of NFTs. The CallistoNFT Standard represents a paradigm shift in the way that NFTs work.

Our standard improves the user experience with NFTs and makes the NFT ecosystem more robust, versatile, efficient, and user-friendly. You can read about that here.

Speaking of NFTs, we once again reached out to South American NFT artist Krudo to design a new series of Callistonian NFTs that were airdropped to wallets over Christmas. The new collection of three includes an ultra-rare female Callistonian – the first female in the bunch. More on the Callistonian NFTs here.

On the Cold Staking Page, we’re now updating frozen $CLO coins in real-time, and we have updated the Callisto Network API to show the ratio of staked coins that considers the number of $CLO that have been burned.

This offers a better view of the real number of $ CLOs that still exist.

Meanwhile, the Callisto Network Blog has come in for a revamp and complete makeover.

We’ve optimized the reading experience for all device types, ensuring that all the information we put out is easily accessible and readable, no matter where a Callistonian chooses to read it. We’ve also designated a special column specifically for articles covering Callisto Network technologies.

Similarly, we’ve refreshed the News and Updates Page so that users can quickly and easily see all the latest news from across the Callisto ecosystem.

Finally, we’ve significantly transformed the Callisto Network Burning Page.

Among the key updates:

  1. The CLO Supply & Burn page now features a fresh look, offering a more engaging and informative experience. The update provides enhanced visibility on the $CLO coin-burning process.
  2. Total $CLO Coins Burned offers a clearer picture of the impact of the burning mechanism, with up-to-the-minute data on the number of $CLO coins permanently removed from circulation.


Callisto Enterprise DAO

Callisto Enterprise’s Core Dev Team has established a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to govern its operations and develop new and innovative applications to drive the Callisto ecosystem forward.

We’re taking this approach because the last two years have been marked by too many scattershot attempts at building Callisto into a bigger and better blockchain. That approach was costly and did not produce the anticipated results.

By way of the new DAO, we aim to establish full transparency and accountability. We will accomplish that through the CLOE Progress Tracker, which we previously launched and will now serve as a tool offering weekly updates on team activities and individual performance metrics. This sets a new standard for transparency and trust on the blockchain.

Moreover, it fosters a deeper connection with the community, allows stakeholders to observe our progress, and connects the team’s financial interest with the success of the Callisto Network overall. You can read more about the DAO and its goals here.

Swap This!

We mentioned above the new wrapped CLO token, ccCLO. Well, it’s already available on Pancake Swap, where you can trade it against USDT.

It’s also paired against USDT on Uniswap, on the BNB chain.

And you can now trade ccCLO on 1inch, where there are no KYC requirements.

In short, support for Callisto assets is growing across some of the biggest DEXs in crypto.

With that, we come to the end of this month’s Callisto Network newsletter. Talk to you again next month, with even more news of the progress Callisto is making as we aim to fashion our network into one of the best on any blockchain.

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Fushuma is a community-driven blockchain ecosystem with ZK-Rollup technology, low fees, and on-chain governance. FUMA holders decide on upgrades, funding, and are rewarded as the ecosystem grows.


Fushuma is a community-driven blockchain with ZK-Rollup technology, low fees, and on-chain governance. FUMA holders decide on upgrades, funding, and are rewarded as the ecosystem grows.

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