Cybersecurity Giveaway | 1 000 000 $CLO coins to share - 3 days left - 2 minutes to join!

Four years passed since Callisto Security Dept. was established - a lot of work was done, and many hacks were avoided.   Now is the time to upgrade our platform and raise awareness!  

Callisto Network Security Department Giveaway 🎁

To celebrate this, we are running a Cybersecurity Giveaway campaign in 2 phases! 🚀

1️⃣ Gleam Campaign, launched on 14.08.2022 (500 000 $CLO coins prize pool).
2️⃣ AbsoluteWallet Referral Campaign, launched on 22.08.2022 (500 000 $CLO coins prize pool).  


Gleam Campaign Rules | 500 000 CLO Prize Pool 💰

The top 50 participants will receive the following prizes: 

🔥Top 1:          100 000 CLO

🔥Top 2-10:      20 000 CLO

🔥Top 11-50:       5500 CLO

Participants must complete the actions listed below to earn points. Complete as many tasks to improve your chances of winning.   Share your referral links with friends to earn extra points. 💪   The total of points earned will determine your ranking. Good Luck!

For extra entries, keep an eye on our social media and unlock 50 bonus entries if you discover the daily secret code 🔥

Join the CyberSecurity giveaway on Gleam



AbsoluteWallet Referral Campaign Rules | 500 000 CLO Prize Pool 💰

With AbsoluteWallet and Callisto Security Dept. V2, you are able to earn cryptocurrencies simply by making your friends discover an innovative project! Your referrals will also be rewarded, making this program even more attractive. 😏

• Only properly performed tasks will be rewarded.
• Only genuine users will be rewarded.
• Fake accounts and bots will not be rewarded.

🚫 Note: We are checking for irregular activity every week. Accounts identified as irregular will be banned from the referral program.

⭐️ Prize Pool: 500 000 CLO ⭐️

🥇 1st Referrer: 100 000 CLO.
🏅 2nd to 10th Referrers: 20 000 CLO each.
🎖 11th to 50th Referrers: 5500 CLO each.

🗣 Referrer

💬 Join Callisto Network Community - 2.5 pts
🗞 Join Callisto Network News Channel - 2.5 pts
🐦 Callisto Network Twitter Tasks - 5 pts
🚀 Follow Callistonians Twitter Account - 2.5 pts

🐦 Follow AbsoluteWallet on Twitter - 2 pts
🗞 Join AbsoluteWallet Telegram News Channel - 3 pts
🤖 Join AbsoluteWallet Community - 2.5 pts

👤 Referral

💬 Join Callisto Network Community - 5 pts
🗞 Join Callisto Network News Channel - 5 pts
🐦 Callisto Network Twitter Tasks - 10 pts
🚀 Follow Callistonians Twitter Account - 5 pts

🐦 Follow AbsoluteWallet on Twitter - 4 pts
🗞 Join AbsoluteWallet Telegram News Channel - 6 pts
🤖 Join AbsoluteWallet Community - 5 pts

💰 The rewards will be paid out in 2 waves of 250 000 CLO coins, based on one wave every two weeks starting from the end of the referral campaign.


- In case the total amount of participants' earnings exceeds the value of the prize pool, the prize pool will be distributed in proportion to the value of each participant's referral reward.

- Each participant can receive 2 payments: one as a referral and one as the referrer.

Join the CyberSecurity Referral Program on AbsoluteWallet



About Callisto Network Security Department 

Callisto Network Security Department was founded in 2018 and has made numerous contributions to improve Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS and audited over 320 smart contracts establishing the team as the leader in the crypto-security industry.    



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