CageChain Newsletter #184 | Matrix NFTs, The Fair Price of Bitcoin, Microsoft's Meta Move, Crypto with Kamal and More...

CageChain Newsletter #184 | Matrix NFTs, The Fair Price of Bitcoin, Microsoft's Meta Move, Crypto with Kamal and More...

By KHubbard | CageChain | 4 Nov 2021



The Matrix is returning to the big screen with The Matrix Resurrections, and it's set to launch alongside a range of NFTs. Per The Hollywood Reporter , social NFT platform Nifty's will launch 100,000 avatars themed around The Matrix Resurrections, with a special "Red Pill" feature. American multinational investment bank JPMorgan has put a price on Bitcoin and it is a lot less than the asset currently trades for. In a report to investors as part of the bank's inaugural outlook focused on alternative investments, strategists stated that alternative assets which include cryptocurrencies "should continue to outperform into 2022." Microsoft has announced 3D avatars and immersive virtual environments for meetings, per The Verge . "We got hit by meeting fatigue in the virtual world," said Nicole Herskowitz, Microsoft Teams general manager during an interview with . "After 30 or 40 minutes max in a meeting, it was very hard to stay engaged and focused," she added. Mark Wetjen has served on the CFTC as well as on the board of directors for LedgerX. FTX US is looking to expand into crypto derivatives. FTX US, the American affiliate of Sam Bankman-Fried's exchange empire, announced today that it has hired Mark Wetjen as head of policy and regulatory strategy. You can find these stories and more at the link below:


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