CageChain Newsletter #160 | Blockchain 3.0, NFTs on eBay, Crypto Art Collecting in Africa, Nebraska's Bitcoin Banking Bill, Laptop Radio and More...

By KHubbard | CageChain | 13 May 2021


Making it through another great week of positive activity and growth throughout the cryptosphere. Blockchain 3.0 targets to address the scalability, sustainability, cost, interoperability, and security related dilemmas that we had with blockchain 1.0 and 2.0, promising better solutions with a refined framework. Bay is now allowing NFTs to be sold on its platform, making the digital collectibles available side by side with physical ones. Whether you're looking for a physical Dogecoin replica or a digital representation of Elon Musk holding Doge, eBay is apparently now the place to get both. African art sales, though they are on the rise, still currently account for less than 1% of the $50 billion global art market. What if there was a way for African artists to profit from their work in perpetuity while also growing their piece of the pie? Becoming an innovator in crypto regulation could be a gamechanger for Nebraska. Image: Shutterstock In brief A bill that would allow banks in Nebraska to offer cryptocurrency services was adopted by lawmakers. Nebraska would follow Wyoming in welcoming regulated crypto banks if the legislation passes. Nebraska could become the second U.S.


Newsletter #160


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