Plant ID: Cryptanthus acaulis

By maurolegal92 | cactaceasml | 21 Oct 2020

Cryptanthus acaulis:

Hi guys! Okey, today I wanna share a little bit more information about one of the plants I mentioned on earlier posts. Its the Cryptanthus acaulis. I personally like very much every cactus and some succulents (note: did you know that all cactus are succulents but not all succulents are cactus? Well If you didn't now you know lol), and this plant in particular is neither of them. It belongs to the poales family, but it's "spiky" look is quite beautiful and also, it was a gift... so I'm obliged to take care of it haha.

So that's why I investigated a bit about it: how to take care of them, how frequently do I have to water, what's the perfect sunlight exposure, etc...

This is what I found out. If anyone has more info please share it :)

As you may see in the pictures, the leafs are quite curly with some spiky edges towards the end. Of a very green bright color. They don't tend to grow too much (mr Internet says they can grow up to 15cm tall) but once the plants reaches certain age it starts to pop some new plants all around. That's why they grow in like "colonies" of a bunch of plants.

It produces tiny and very perfumed flowers, reason why it is one of the most home-cultivated plants of its' gender.

Watering should be done in moderation and occasional sprays on the leafs is advisable. Location should be of semi-shadow or only a few hours of direct sunlight (preferable the early morning sun).

Aaaaaand that's pretty much about it. I would add more info depending on how my new partners develop. I'll leave you guys with a picture of them. Maybe if they grow a bit more I'd need to repot them.

A picture of them just being placed on their new pots.

Hope you liked the post!

See you!!

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