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By maurolegal92 | cactaceasml | 19 Oct 2020

Hello guys. Today I wanna show you some new plants that I collected in the past weeks. Some are gifts, some where picked up from the streets. They are not stolen, I have the habit to look closely if there is some cutting that fell or if there are new sprouts that would otherwise die if not saved by me :).

Yesterday I stumbled upon a very bad shaped Stapelia, that looked almost dead but I have my hopes high that it will survive.

So, here I wanna show you some pictures of the plants.


This is the Stapelia, as you can see it is currently not looking so good

I was walking in the street and took a lucky glance at the floor and saw this little baby just lying there. It didn't look like it felt from any pot or something like that, and it looked like it has been out of the soil for quite a long time. I put it in water during the night, and by the next morning it kinda looked like it was showing some recovering signs. So I potted it and now let's just hope for the best xD

Another angle. A cutting can be seen The end result. Now we sit and wait for the best.

Sansevierias & Euphorbia milii:

This cuttings were picked from some "plantations" you would say (or colonies), all of them just lying on the floor. Some of the sansevierias had roots so were planted and some leaves were put in water till they root (people say they might as well just live in water without being planted, so I'll see what to do with them in the future, truth is they look quite nice just like that).

Sansevierias & Euphorbia milii (the one with "spikes") Planted sansevierias

Cryptanthus acaulis (I think...)

So these ones were a gift. They don't look so good (they were on a small pot for both of thems), but hopefully now they'll start growing better and shine bright in no time!

I also got a new cactus, but forgot to take pictures of it, but I'll be posting it sometime in the near future lol.

So that was it, it's always fun bringing new green family members to brighten up the house. Hope you liked it!!

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