Cereus peruvianus var. monstrose

Cereus peruvianus var. monstrose

By maurolegal92 | cactaceasml | 3 Aug 2020

This is a variety of Cereus that gets it's name "monstrose" due to the deformations in form of tubercles. Just like the "normal" Cereus peruvianus, this variety has a columnar-type growth and has a lots of ramifications. Has a slow-rate growth and are able to reach incredible heights (some times even over 8 metres). That is when they are planted in soil, given that when potted it's growth gets limited. It has an irregular amount of spines (of a redish-brown color) in each areola.

It prefers hot climates and direct sunlight exposure. Given the fact that it's root are not easily "rotable" it can tolerate somewhat excesive watering during the hot seasons (but just like most succulents, one should always make certain that the soils is dry before watering). During winter and cold weather it is best to avoid watering but, in my personal experience, I did not have issues when it comes to rain (even sporadic hail storms). Mealybugs tend to attack it so it is always advisable to keep an eye for early sprouts in order to prevent tragedies (lol).

Flowers have a white-pink color, they bloom during summer season, mostly at night but tend to last up to a full day opened.521b77e12c0afe394053d9f6174fa2db52cc62bc2628b4d5b5eb91abefca2b67.jpeg


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