Cereus peruvianus flowers

By maurolegal92 | cactaceasml | 23 Oct 2020

Hi guys. Today I wanna share some pictures of one of my Cereus peruvianus cactus. I have three of them (and one tiiiiiny little pup that is still figthing to root).

Two of them are currently growing nicely and pretty fast, and one of them is not showing signs of new growth but in the last weeks it started to pop some flowers.

At one time about 5 or 6 days ago it was filled with buds (5 in total!).

Cereus with growing buds

In the picture one can clearly see 3 buds, but in the back there were 2 more. I know it is kinda common to not all flowers prosper, but today I went to take a look at it to see how things were going and found out a bitter surprise...

Almost every flower got somehow burned!! Two already fell without blooming, one is still hanging but clearly already dead and one is very pretty much following the same path.

I now have hopes that only one of them will bloom eventually. I truly don't know what could've caused this as I didn't move the cactus to a different sunlight exposure nor the conditions drastically changed... What's more curious is that the two "brothers" that are next to this fella are growing very rapidly, so I think it's safe to say that the place is good. Also, in that same spot it started popping those buds...

Anyways, it gets kinda sad when you see this sort of things happening because everyone that cultivates and collect cactus knows that the flowering is a major event, especially when the flowers are quite big and from species that don't bloom so frequently.

I just hope the remaining one finds its way and completely opes. If it does I will surely share the 100000ish pictures I'll take of it haha.

Well, that was it. I wanted to write a bit about this and also share it with you guys, as it kinda helps with the pain lol.



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