How To Use Your PC To Store, Send and Receive BYTEDEX

By BellBlogs | ByteDex | 31 Jul 2021

With ByteDex Wallet Out, Here's How To Use Your PC

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ByteDex Wallet, or ByteW, is now available officially on Google play. Here's a QR code you can scan directly with your phone.


We'll keep today's post simple. The beauty of interacting with our users via this blog, is that you can go back and read our last posts here.

Put simply though, the ByteDex project is a that is creating a hybrid exchange. Along with the above mentioned native wallet, there is a native token with all kinds of unique features you can read about in previous pieces. It's initial issuance is TRC-10, on the Tron network, so you'll be needing a Tron wallet or a multi-coin wallet. Whilst you'll be needing ByteW to have full functionality eventually, the TRC token nature of BYTEDEX means that until a PC application or extension is installed, if you want to use your computer to store, send and recieve BYTEDEX, we recommend you go with Tronlink for the time being.

Here's our short video guide that shows you how to install Tronlink as a Google Chrome extension, and we'll be talking a bit about private keys and their importance. 

Once you have the extension installed, follow the easy setup instructions. You'll need a notepad to copy your mnemonic phrase, which you should store safely when you create a wallet. Your mnemonic phrase is an expression of your private keys, and without it you may lose access to your wallet. It's also important to store them safely for the security of your assets.

Read our previous posts about the ByteDex project here, and engage with us on social media using the links below.

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