ByteDex Project Analysis: Is Now The Time To Buy?

By BellBlogs | ByteDex | 5 Sep 2021



ByteDex's long journey to list their token has now settled down in the wake of multiple CEXs and DEXs listing their token.

Bridging centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges, ByteDex is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that allows users all of the liquidity and transparent fees of CEXs with the asset ownership and on-chain transacting of DEXs. Welcome to the future.


From pre-sale to ICO to IEO to market, the price of BEXT, the new ticker of Byte Exchange's native token with a wide variety of planned applications is hovering at around 0.026 USDT a coin. This is above the pre-sale price, and a little lower than the ICO/IEO price.

Now is the perfect time to buy, however. To think that a token will shoot up in price following it's launch is a blind guess, and sure, many people may feel anxious about investing [whether for the first time or as a repeat buy] in a token that has settled at a lower price than ICO, but to dump your tokens now would be a rather silly thing to do.

An initial large rise or dip is par for the course when a token gets listed. But the ByteDex project has always been a long game. It's unfortunate for project confidence that the token has dipped initially, but here are some things to keep in mind before writing off investing in the token or jumping the gun just to panic sell:


1. Presale was much lower than ICO. As with all community crypto projects, those who get in early are rewarded, as they are by default assuming most of the risk.

2. The price dip was likely influenced by pre-sale dumps, and the new stability is signifying a new confidence and reluctance to sell below ICO/IEO price. There are certainly still some pre-sale dumps below ICO price still to come, but as the token is getting listed on more exchanges, both CEXs and DEXs, the crowd is getting the message. This project is evolving and here to stay.

3. Now that there's a market precedent, your risk is much lower. BEXT has ridden out the dips and it stands to reason that planned token burns as well as further project development will fuel an impressive rise.

4. Resist the urge to think like a trader, and keep in mind the ongoing developments. BEXT has a huge amount of planned utility, and we've yet to see how that will influence the market. One thing is clear however, it WILL influence the market.

ByteDex's native wallet, which can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android is highly recommended for full functionality of the token. Click the link or scan the QR code to download ByteW now, a secure and robust multi-coin wallet with features unique to the ByteDex Project.


Stay tuned and learn more about the ByteDex Project by visiting, or engaging with the team and community via the social media image links below. The ByteDex team is helpful, hard working and international. The fastest way to learn more is to engage with their telegram group.



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Community is what fuels us here at ByteDex, and we welcome you to our vision of the future of crypto trading.

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