Two fears

By ByakuroStories | Bykuro's Diary | 9 Jun 2021

In a modestly sized courtyard. A young man in front of a wooden dummy.... 

"Punch, kick, punch, elbow!"

Sweat drips from his bare torso, blood instead, from his arms and legs.

"It hurts master!" 

"Pain reminds you that you're alive, don't stop!"

A man of advanced age, watched the young man from his porch with a watchful eye.

"One day you will thank me for this."

"Ugh, I hope that day never happens master..."

"And why not?"

"Because it would mean being in a bad situation, so I'd rather not."

"Eheheh, but hear him out. There are a lot of people who would love to beat up people like you."

"People like me? Why?"

"Because some people love to prevaricate over others."

"Well, come to think of it, I wouldn't want anyone to prevaricate over me..."

"Are you afraid that might happen?"


"I understand. It's okay to feel fear sometimes."

"Sometimes, master?"

"Yes, sometimes. There are two substantial types of fear in this world, or rather, two types of reaction to fear. Those that paralyze you, and those that brutally propel you forward."

"And where would the difference lie?"

"It's simple, one keeps you stuck in a stalemate, no longer allowing any kind of improvement. The other, on the other hand, gives you a chance to learn something, provided you want it."

"I guess it's always better the second one, after all it always gives a chance..."

"It's entirely up to us, you don't necessarily have to be stuck forever."

"Why make a distinction then?"

"Because man is weak, and stupid. Although he has the power to be able to do anything, he allows himself to be supplanted by his own fears..."

"Has this ever happened to you, Master? To get stuck I mean."

"I wouldn't be human otherwise ahahah!"

"And how did you get out of it?"

"Not by thinking about the illusions of the future, but by looking at the infinite possibilities of the present."

"The infinite possibilities of the present?"

"What is the future but a mirage? And how many of us fall into it even before we reach it? If you look away for too long, you risk losing sight of what's near you..."

"I think I understand."

"That's good! Keep going now! Kick! Punch! Elbow!"



"The future is one of the many possibilities that the present offers you, so don't hesitate to take it."



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