NextCloud Series(3): Statistics, Analytics

By Pawel23 | bweb3-project | 17 Jul 2022

Welcome to my 3rd article from the series about the possibility of having your own Cloud and example use cases. Do you have also a lot of statistics collected in many places? Maybe you would like to as well collect everything in one place in your Cloud?

This is the third article from this series, where I am describing something, which from my side has bigger potential as a real use case for me Today. Still, I more using it more in my DEV instance than in PROD Instance. (Please check the first series, where I describe all my instances and the logic behind) It is a little bit against my initial idea to describe use cases from PROD, but this app has very big potential to extend my usage and I will be moving more and more data from TEST to PROD. 

Checking and installing the plugin

The same as last time, we need to install an additional app for this purpose.

(More detailed steps you can find in the second article from the series.)


In the app, you can find an example in the "Office & test" category and later on your search for "Analytics".


The most important use cases for me

Most of the below use cases are for me experimental. My goal is in near future implement as much as possible and checks if this is for me. Maybe it will be good to back to this topic&app and share my experience after some time. Except below mentioned, I will try all possible use cases, which will fit to use of this application.

  • One source for all Statistics.

Currently, I have:

  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress WP Statistics data
  • Publish0x Stats


I would like to integrate all sources into one place in NextCloud. Then I can check the list of all my top articles, doesn't matter, where I published them. This will open me also a possibility for the next functions. Like widgets with top articles from all sources.

  • Travel Tracker Tool

In the past, I used as a Tool for Tracking my Flight on the time, when I was Travelling (mostly for business). I do not know if this tool is still developed and it doesn't fit me 100% and also would like to track long-distance trains (even more important for me as flights, as I like trains - do you remember this meme?) Finally, I downloaded all my entries from this tool (it was easy, as there is such a function in default) and I am collecting all data offline and extending my comments. Step-By-Step I am uploading data to my NextCloud instance.


Today I have similar for "Airports", "Train Stations", "Bus Station" and "All-in-One". Next step, there is no problem to create lists for Vendors, Connections, Private vs. Business, etc. (Maybe only one limitation are my priorities) 

Portfolio tracker

This one will be required the most development from my side I think and I do this manually first, but I think and in my free time maybe try to develop something. Idea is, that I can create one portfolio (from all sources) of crypto, equity, etc., and show it in the report. Crypto is interesting but required development. It could be possible to take data from on-chain and upload it to the report. 

What data you would like to track in such an App? 

Additional Resources:

Tip for more technical readers

Last time I introduced you to functionality for Boards (Deck App). I mentioned there, that in the past my main Tool was Trello. One of the biggest advantages of open-source is that if you need some functionality, which is missing, then you can just write it yourself. (Trello integration into NextCloud Deck is one example.) Someone with proper programmer knowledge writes some code with export/migration possibilities from Trello to NextCloud - you can look at the repository here. Currently, we can find in the original "Deck" repository, that such functionality will be by default in the next release available.

Today I wrote about Analytics. GitHub Repository for this tool is here. That means the development process you can track and help there.

What tip is here for you?

  • if you are a non-technical person. Then you can visit the "issues" page (linked directly above) and check all bugs, and ideas reported for this project (or report new ones). Maybe someone more reported that? 
  • If you have basic and middle development skills. (You can write something but with less experience as a contributor) You can write your code for the function you need. Publish on your repositories, then you can create issues on the project repository and share this code with everyone.  Maybe someone from the project will, later on, integrate this function into the project?
  • if you have enough development skills, then you can just contribute to the project with your missing functions and help in development.

I have somewhere in my list an idea for an article on how open-source and web3-crypto can cooperate. If you are interested, please leave me a comment. 


Thank you for reaching this part of the article. I hope  I shared some inspiration with you and even if you will not use Analytics, maybe you can use some knowledge as inspiration in your favorite Tool. If you would like to read more about this platform and/or the use case for inspiration, feel free to follow me, then you will receive a notification about new Articles from Publish0x.

I am not part of the NextCloud Team or I am not working for them directly or indirectly. I am/will be describing here my experience, my feeling, and my opinions, which will be completely independent of the NC Team/Developers.

Would you like to support me? I encourage you to check what web3 education can look like. You can join the newsletter and waitlist from my affiliate link here


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Thumbnail Image: Screen from my TEST Instance.

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