Introduction to NextCloud Series - My use cases and experience

By Pawel23 | bweb3-project | 28 Jun 2022

My first blog post here after the Welcome note was about Finance. I would like to introduce a series of Technology articles. My first one and series is about NextCloud. I have had it already installed on my private hosting for more than 1 year. In the beginning, I will focus on general descriptions and use cases. 

About NextCloud

NextCloud is an open-source alternative for workplace and collaboration platforms like Google or Microsoft. You can install your own instance on your private computer/server, on a hosting platform, or for less technical People register an account at Company, that will do this for you.

Many possibilities are:

  • File sharing,
  • Calendar,
  • Mail client, 
  • Documentation,
  • Chat Service,
  • Office file collaboration.

My infrastructure overview

I have two mine instances on private hosting and one silent instance on the private computer installed by Docker. 

The first instance on private hosting - NextCloud PROD

I am using it for PROD purposes. Here are located my resources, which are for my production and I try to maintain them in the best way. Here also are data, which I am collecting for other purposes. (For example draft data for some of my future articles for Publish0x) When I will publish in the future my real use case for NextCloud. I will be writing based on this instance.

Second instance on private hosting - NextCloud TEST

I have a second instance in the same hosting, which is used for Testing and Development purposes. (Development is the too big word so far. As I am too less experience from my perspective, for now, I am thinking about development as well) Before any major update. I am testing an update on this instance first. As well as when I see some new interesting features. I am testing if I am fine with this if it works ok for me etc. All articles, which are describing in general functionality will be based on this instance. I can destroy it and restore it after a new article is ready.

Private Computer instance - NextCloud TEST

I have another instance, which is also TEST. I have installed it on Docker on a private computer. (This is installed on the same computer, where I am writing this article as well ;) ) In the future, when I will continue with my real use case I will move it as PROD to a different computer, which will be created extra for such purpose. This instance will be used as a backup solution for my data. All NextCloud Apps will be cross configured in such a way, that all my cloud and none-cloud data will be synchronized on instance within the Computer located (for sure at the beginning) in my home. In case of a new Laptop needs for restored, I need just to connect to the home server and synchronize data. In case of moving from one external storage provider to another one. It should also be possible, but I am still working on designing this, so I can in more detail describe it only in the future when the solution is ready. (..or maybe there will be a request to write more about preliminary plans in public)

Why own a Cloud solution, not a ready one?!

I am a Technology person and on top, of gathering knowledge on top solutions I like very often to try an experiment with open-source solutions. (When I start my career, the adoption of open-source was not such big as it is now.) I am not a good Developer, but installing, configuring, experimenting, ... maybe basic scripting is something, which I liked in the past.

Other reasons? (from my perspective):

  • You can have your own instances and configure them completely as you wish.
  • If for some reason needed, you can update, when you wish.
  • You can develop (more) functions if you like.
  • if your social profile is blocked. Access to your data is not affected.
  • You can have still accounts and different providers, but you can use it as a bridge.

Soon I plan to add the next Article here in Publish0x and describe the first use case and functionality. Then it will be clear if this is for you or I hope it will be easier to gather knowledge about your next solution. If you are at least a little bit interested in this platform, feel free to follow me, then you will receive notification about new Articles from Publish0x.

I am not part of the NextCloud Team or I am not working for them directly or indirectly. I am/will be describing here my experience, my feeling, and opinions, which will be completely independent of the NC Team/Developers.

Thumbnail Image: Screen from my TEST Instance.

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