Buzzing News and stories of interest
Buzzing News and stories of interest

Buzzing News and stories of interest

Sharing news stories of interest highlighting general happenings mostly from my part of the world.

2024 Indian Lok Sabha elections goes on the stage that is designed for the ruling BJP party to prevail

1 May 2024 11 minute read 0 comments Greenchic

  Source India’s temperature is hot, but here it’s also hot with dramas with Central Government Lok Sabha Elections having begun here on April 19th. All this is entertaining but for concerned and aware Citizens, lots of events happening of late is p...

Interesting Electoral Bond corruption case that allowed India's ruling party to extract bonus benefits for political gains

19 Apr 2024 10 minute read 5 comments Greenchic

Generated using Freepik  Imprisonment of a political leader just so that BJP nails it grand in the upcoming Indian Central Government elections!! As India’s main election nears, dramas have been unfolding. One of them being the arrest of Delhi’s Ch...

The corruption monster in India has secretly grown strong aided by the evil funding mechanism of Electoral Bonds

10 Apr 2024 10 minute read 13 comments Greenchic

  Source A funding mechanism designed so that only the ruling party in Government knows the identity of fund contributors Interesting and critical political developments in India, all based on theElectoral bond news stories that legally allowed poli...

Doubths on fair voting happening in Indian elections with voting systems being vulnerable to exploitation

29 Mar 2024 5 minute read 0 comments Greenchic

  Source EVM terminology during this time of the 2024 Central Government General Election season alludes to “Electoral Voting Machines”. As a Web3 person, I tend to link EVMs with “Ethereum Virtual Machines”, that’s why I am clarifying this point fo...

Should Citizens trust an EMV machine to record their votes truthfully when its source code remains unaudited?

21 Mar 2024 7 minute read 0 comments Greenchic

  Source India’s main elections are commencing next month with the world’s largest country by population going to cast their votes to cumulatively determine the party that would come to power at the center. This will also determine the Prime Ministe...

Saffron wash of Indians happened on 22 January, 2024 misusing the name of Lord Ram!!

25 Jan 2024 7 minute read 0 comments Greenchic

  Ram Mandir's religious ceremony at Ayodhya made a grand deal all over India by politicians of BJP for politican gains Jan 22, 2024, suddenly made a prominent date for Indians due to inauguration of Ram Mandir!!   Day before yesterday, morning I kn...

Leo Finance can be that Social Media star that Threads or Twitter can never be!!

12 Jul 2023 5 minute read 0 comments Greenchic

The hype period of Twitter killing apps is on now !! So, Meta stock went up by 3.94% on July 5th, Wednesday, the day Meta launched “twitter killer” app called Threads. Tradingview chart I am raising my eye brows here… I know only about...

Reality of not being able to freely tweet on Twitter, so flying away to thread at Leo Finance!! HA!!

30 Jun 2023 4 minute read 3 comments Greenchic

  Jack reveals the pressures Twitter faced from Governments to trample on free speech Source There is a current need for a decentralised Web3 Twitter, let me explain this based on real news. Jack Dorsey, the former founder and CEO of Twitter ha...

Conclusion of the Ponniyin Selvan story with PS2 - Movie Review

17 May 2023 6 minute read 0 comments Greenchic

  Source Excitement to be entertained watching PS2 in theatres as the PS1 watch experience was fabulous!! Last week on Thursday, me and my Dad went to watch PS2, Ponniyin Selvan 2 that’s continuation of the story from the PS1 movie that launched...

Step in and experience fun times with these active and free spirited doggies

20 Mar 2023 4 minute read 0 comments Greenchic

   Doggies free to be their wild selves in this park I do get a glimpse of the doggies world in the mornings, as the park I go to exercise have dogs either resting there or are simpily hanging around. Some are regulars and many others are loiter...