Ram Mandir's religious ceremony at Ayodhya made a grand deal all over India  by politicians of BJP for politican gains

Saffron wash of Indians happened on 22 January, 2024 misusing the name of Lord Ram!!


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Ram Mandir's religious ceremony at Ayodhya made a grand deal all over India by politicians of BJP for politican gains

Jan 22, 2024, suddenly made a prominent date for Indians due to inauguration of Ram Mandir!!


Day before yesterday, morning I knew it was 22 Jan 2024, this date is not important for me but yet living in India I got reminded of this supposedly grand day.

It’s the day the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would inaugurate the Ram temple at Ayodhya In Uttar Pradesh conducting Pran Pratishtha, which is unveiling of the Ram Statue inside the temple.

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This is a grand function advertised a lot by the party responsible for this event – the BJP, the Bharatha Janatha Party, the ruling party to which Prime Minister Modiji belongs.

Here, the PM will conduct the ceremony, as Ram statue in unveiled. There are a lot of problems with this but the very obvious problem here is that temple construction is still not finished and yet puja or sacred function for the Ram statue is being done. I will come to this later.

But its, with a little braveness I am even writing about this and I would not have but I don’t like this saffron wash coming to my door step, I will explain this.


 Sacredness of the temple diluted because it’s used by political characters to garner votes!!


So, very far from Ayodhya, my place in the South, somewhere in Karnataka, has all these flags advertising about the Ayodhya Ram temple. 3-wheeler autos were seen sporting these flags proudly and this really pains me and I will come to this.

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BJP’s Network of volunteers put these saffron flags all over having the picture of Ram, advertising the Ayodhya Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha ceremony all over India

Ram is a main character from epic story of Ramayana. Prince Ram kills demon man Ravan in Sri Lanka, to rescue his wife Sita who this deman man kidnapped. This took a lot of years, and a lot of people, including monkey God Hanuman helped in this quest.

Ram is regarded as a God, and Ramayana is very popular in India, it’s says rightness, justice and dharma, the rule of law wins over darkness and evil. Elements of love, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, bravery, loyalty and so many values are embedded through various instances in the story.

My problem with this temple is that with such pomp and glamour, it’s opened when the temple is still in construction so that PM Modi wins votes in the coming April 2024 election.

That temple, Ram temple is not paying tribute to Lord Ram, or any of the characters of Ramaya, it’s only a PR event to showcase Modiji.

narendramodi india primeminister
Brand Modiji, no Government of India or BJP party in the poster. All politicians are Government servants and are not above the Constitution of India!!


 Religion cannot be integrated with politics in a secular, democratic India that’s full of religious diversity

Religion and politics are separate and should never be mixed together, PM Modi is using Ram Temple as a tool kit for his political agenda to win hearts of people and get votes.

Religion is about faith, belief, connection with God and is something very personal, and politics is about running a country that has population belonging to various faiths and religious groups. Politics focus should be on aspects like Governance, economy, infrastructure, law and order and such things.

They cannot be mixed, quality of Government is based on performance, economic growth, jobs, quality of life of people, their social security and such things.

Building Ram Temple in Ayodhya is no duty of a politician, and should be taken care by religious heads, spiritual teachers who are heads of Monasteries.

These are learned people in religious scriptures known as Shankaracharyas processing wisdom on this religious aspect of spirituality. Obviously, Ram Mandir, being a pet project of politicians and now PM Modi is filled with political agenda behind it, there is no spiritual connect or reason behind this project!


 Ram Temple inauguration not done respecting Hindu religion say Shankaracharyas!!


It’s very strange that PM Modi has been keen on conducting the Ram Pran Pratishtha event in a temple whose construction is not complete!!

Some Shankaracharyas, who are the knowledgeable teachers on Sanatan Dharma and heads of spiritual Monastries have stated that Pran Pratishtha event cannot be held on a temple which is incomplete because temple is considered body of the God in the Hindu scriptures!!

sankaracharya news rammandir

The Ram statue that’s now unveiled in the temple is the temple’s soul and the various parts of the temple is considered the body of God.

Modiji also insisted he wanted the Pran Pratishtha event to happen on a good day on January, priests were not given a free hand on determining the best time for the function which as explained can be done only when the temple is complete.

The Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha is done according to the convenience of PM Narendra Modi, not on a auspicious data for the public to pray tribute to Lord Ram.


2 Shankaracharyas have come out saying the Ayodhya Mandir event is only a political event

Another Shankaracharya has said, that the event is political and is conducted not respecting the Hindu tradition.

news shankaracharya religion hinduism rammandir ayodhya


So, it’s clear that all cameras will be focused on Modiji to be published on all TV channels, subtle advertisement for PM Modi, playing to win the coming April elections.


 Ayodhya Ram Mandir has come up after destroying the Babri Masjid Mosque – So Cruel!!

modi primeminister rammandir babrimazjid


Now I coming to the point that pains me…


This Ram temple is constructed on the place where Babri masjid Mosque was demolished on Dec 6th 1992.

rammandir lordram narendramodi


The entire Babri Masjid was barricaded so the Mosque is not destroyed and leaders of BJP like lal krishna Advani and others incited animosity, making public get sentiments to destroy the mosque that time because a statue of Lord Rama was found there.

So, claims were made that the mosque has come by destroying Ram temple on that site, thousands of years ago when Mughals invaded India. I don’t think there was any concreate evidence of any Ram temple being on that site before.

This was broken down by the workers of parent organisation of BJP, the RSS known as Karma Sevaks. I was a kid that time and was not aware of this event.

There is a school of thought that the Ram statue was placed there by some elements on purpose to have that Babri Masjid mosque eventually destroyed.

ON Dec 6th 1992, thousands of Karmasevaks, crossed the barricade and went ahead and in 5 hours destroyed that mosque, a cultural and historically significant monument. This absolutely ripped away the secular fabric of our country.

Muslim houses near by were destroyed too by these RSS Karmasevaks. The Ayodhya locality that was otherwise a peaceful locality where Hindus and Muslims lived together became insecure. Muslim neighbour began mistrusting their Hindu neighbours who turned fanatic.

It must have been a horror to innocent civilians seeing, sensing this atmosphere of hate and the crude tone of violence.








 Lord Ram will not reside in this temple that’s come up destroying the Babri Masjid mosque!!


This is the main reason that pains me. Lord Ram would never want a temple dedicated to him to come up at the cost of destroying mosque. This is unconstitional, wrong, unacceptable and I don’t understand why so many people were excited and celebrating this occasion 2 days ago ?

These people are clearly Saffon washed!!!


AI image generated using

I have always been brainwashed to believe that India was a Secular, democratic country and everyone of all religion, faiths and gender are equal, all rot, all theory, nothing practical.

This is what I wanted to express!!


This Ayodhya Ram Mandir symbolises destruction & violence which instigates pain!!

It’s true that India’s Supreme Court has given verdict for the temple to come up there but PM Modi. the camara obsessed PM, who refuses to face press and answer hard questions about things that matter, doing puja for a incomplete temple, instead of performing his duties as a PM is disgraceful.

I am a person first than an Indian, whatever my religion ultimately I believe in values of love, compassion, understanding, empathy, tolerance, respect, dignity, courage, equality, inclusivity, forgiveness, peace, non-violence, happiness, joy, integrity.

I am ever striving to be a better individual daily, trying to imbibe these values in my life. So, how can I accept the Ayodhya Ram Mandir that’s come up destroying a Mosque as a sacred temple, my living soul won’t accept it!!

Now, suddenly, there is news that a statue of Shivaling(Lord Shiva) is suspected to be there inside a mosque in Mathura and this means there BJP has intensions to destroy mosque for temples.

Lastly lot of money is spent on Ayodhya Ram Mandir function using Indian Tax payers money, and Indian constitution does not permit spending public money on religious aspects.

I can go on, and I have already written an article on PM Modi talking about that incident because of which he avoids giving interviews as he refuses to answer hard questions. Also, how under him the Godhra riots flared in Gujarat with Modi being the CM there. I won’t delve into it.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi does not entertain interviews due to this famous interview he aborted

India is no more recognized as a democracy by the world these days

I end this with a much loved devotional song called ‘Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram’. This was Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite song as well.

It goes –
'Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram Patita Pavana Sitaram (x2)
Sitaram, Sitaram, Bhaj Pyare Tu Sitaram
Ishwar Allah Tero Nam, Sabako Sanmati De Bhagawan'

A sweet song, praising Lord Ram and also singing to Lord Ram your name is also God Allah, bless all of us equally with wisdom. It’s such a innocent song because the person who made this song had love for Lord Ram in heart and felt proximate to Ram, while there is no animosity with any other God of other faiths. This is why I find this simple song very beautiful!!

Thank you for reading.

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