Crypto joke from India that’s a crypto paranoid country?!!

Crypto joke from India that’s a crypto paranoid country?!!

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Jokes are fun but crypto jokes are even more fun. It’s a joke that a crypto joke can come from my Indian country, because you see India is super serious about crypto. When I say serious, I mean they are crypto paranoid.

If possible, the attitude of the current Indian Government is to ban crypto currency, however that’s not easy to do in a democratic country, even if it’s democratic only in name.

You see, the Indian Government fears that crypto currency will threaten the financial system of the country. Ha… I think they mean that crypto threatens the position of the INR, the Indian rupee!!.

 Dream tweet from the Prime Minister that talked about BTC distribution to the Indian Residents

Well, crypto taking over fiat in the future is kind of inevitable,( I may come back to this serious topic in another article sometime later.) So, there was this tweet from the official account of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which said that Bitcoin was made legal tender in the country and India has brought 500 BTC to distribute to the residents of the country.
Wah Re Wah!! ,( for those unfamiliar with that exclamation, it means wow in Hindi which is the official language of India.)

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Such a message from the Prime Minister of India can only be a joke or prank, for Modiji is not a pro crypto person like the president of El Salvodor, Nayib Bukele is.

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Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India)

I don’t know if Modi’s 78 million followers (mostly fake I guess) took the announcement seriously, if they did, they should have known better.


 The jealousy inside whenever President Nayib Bukele boasts about buying BTC dips

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Yes, some of us sure get jealous when president Nayib Bukele keeps tweeting that he has brought the BTC dip!! . You see, whether the Government is democratic or authoritarian they won’t have problems about money to buy BTC dips easily unlike us individuals who don’t have money to buy those dips, damn, as we all know Governments have the power to print money out of thin air you see!!


 The Indian Crypto positive tweet turned out to be unreal, as it was from a hacker!!

As I was explaining about this super positive BTC tweet that came from India’s PM Narendra Modiji’s official tweeter handle, it was from a hacker and not from the honourable office of the PM of India.

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Tweet Source

Even before our Jack Dorsey quit as the CEO of Twitter, this social media platform was known to have experienced such episodes of twitter handles of other famous personalities getting hacked with such delicious BTC give away messages that make many of us salivate with greed.

These hackers try to extort crypto from us, through these messages embedded with philishing links, or ads with crypto addresses that ask users to give crypto for getting something else in return. So we as users must be vigilant about crypto spams and twitter crypto giveaway messages.

 Hacker knows the ungenerous characteristic of India PM Modi

Now, I feel that the hacker who wrote such surreal positive BTC messages via PM Modi’s tweeter account page has understood some facts about the current PM of the country, that the country’s Government under this PM would not give out much money to the country’s citizens. This may be the fundamental basis he considered when he designed that 500 BTC give away tweet message.

For if that 500 BTC is distributed to the 1.4 billion population of India, each person will receive 0.000000035 BTC, which amounts to 0.001648$ that is 0.125453 INR.

Hmmm… not a substantial give away for sure… can’t buy whole peanuts with that atleast!!

 Thank you for reading!!

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