Conjuring 2021 is not such a fearful, scary movie to watch after all...

Conjuring 2021 is not such a fearful, scary movie to watch after all...

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My experience watching horror film “Conjuring the Devil Made Me Do it”


My decision to watch the latest Conjuring movie - “Conjuring the Devil Made me Do it” was based on my experience that real life events are ghastly enough to stay freaked out or live anxiously in fear, so why should I be frightened seeing this movie?.

Yup, as if we were not scared of harm by evil human elements going about committing many inhuman crimes from murder, rape and what not. So, having experienced fear and anxiety being in the human world, I felt why worry about experiencing fear watching a Devil based movie.

 Sudden phobia of experiencing fear watching horror film sequences

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However, it’s different, experiencing horror or the prospect of experiencing horror inside the theater hall on a big screen, during a Wednesday late evening, where most of the theater seats were empty and the surroundings was dark.

This is why, after I bought the ticket to watch “Conjuring the Devil Made Me Do it” and went inside the theater, I shivered, felt suffocated and my heart beat fast.

I felt I can’t stomach being in the front of that screen in the darkness, to be haunted by all sorts of horrid visuals and sound effects. What if I get a heart attack?.

Therefore, I walked out of the theater to breathe and thought I would go back home, but I eventually made a u- turn back to the theater to watch a horror movie by myself!!

After, a horrible ad about cigarette smoking harms, in which a young lady develops mouth cancer and dies, the Conjuring movie started.



Conjuring 2021 not such a fearful, scary movie to watch after all...

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Before I go further, the only reason I went to check out this movie was because the trailer looked good. I liked the visuals of the places shown, like that of a cliff with a sea body down, forest, highway and stuff.

I have never watched earlier movies of Conjuring, because I slept whenever they came on TV and I am not someone who enjoys dark, evil, disgusting and Gory stuff.

Now, coming back to how “Conjuring the Devil Made me Do it” was.

I would say I needlessly got scared of the prospect of watching this movie in the theater solo because I could easily stomach this.

Plus, this had a happy ending too, which is nice because the movies that disturb my mind are ones with a dark, disturbing end.

Here is the trailer -


 My Review of Conjuring the Devil Made me Do it


 Elements and style of spookiness in the movie

The movie starts off on a mild note with a just ended quenching exorcism process.Then it progresses to characters experiencing torture of being spooked by these exorcist powers and elements. It’s the usual I guess, however I must say most of the scary actions are predictable especially if you have watched the trailer already.

 I expected more of the subtle elements instilling that suspense and all, like the sound effects of things falling, moving, wind blowing curtains around and those little creepy creepy things that is like the foreplay before the fearful main parts emerge.

There was none or negligible amount of these fear teasing elements in the movie.

However, this effect was there in real life as I could see from the side of my eyes that curtains were moving out of one slightly opened exit door, which is not able to close fully.( This I managed to ignore eventually.)


There was the usual gore and slime that mad exorcist creatures emit, blood yes, violence of rash knife stabbing murder yes, and those usual behavior possessed people display, the super natural power of the devil or whatever you call it. All these visuals were done pretty well, we all know that possessed people turn very flexible and ugly you know...ha!!

So, in that the movie passes the pass mark of being a horror film which is decent. However, eerie elements, suspense elements build ups are not there, everything is very predictable. Ha!!

 Further Ramblings

Devil and Satin based horror film not the undead Ghost horror film

Also I generally see ghost movies and this Satan stuff goes beyond me, because these devilish souls are able to stand things like the Holy Cross. I wonder why the bible power is not quenching the devils might, in fact I feel it irritates them further and makes them grow in fury but there was not much of the cross power or Bible verse power used much in the movie, a bit of it yes but it was not effective enough to ward off devilish power and all.


 Creatures without a soul that are naturally accustomed to evil

These devil creatures, totally are perverted because they are devout of soul so knowing that, the slight Gory scenes in the movie did not offend me.

 Little bit of these flavours in the movie

Other than this, there is a bit of an investigative flavour in the film, it is very less but it’s there which makes the movie an interesting watch for those not aware of the plot.

There are these little sweet elements in the movie, like love and it looks like the biggest fear for possessed humans is losing their soul, that would be unbearable I reckon. The good thing is that the possessed characters in the movie don’t completely lose their soul so when the evil of the Devil’s power is vanquished, everything becomes normal, we come to the human world which is familiar to us.





Movie Takeaways for life

My takeaways from the movie are (although I have made good progress in this), I should not be horrified by creatures like rats or roaches, they are not evil things after all, it’s just evil spirited human beings that are the most evil creatures around in my world.

Although I am glad that I never will experience stuff like those characters in the movie experienced(constant fear tortured by spooky doings of the devil and all), because I don’t believe devils or ghosts exist. And if they do, I bet they would not venture to spook the shit out of me, if I leave them alone and not be part of their life or world(:

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