An Indian  State Government’s murder of a Human Rights Activist, father Stan in India!!

An Indian State Government’s murder of a Human Rights Activist, father Stan in India!!

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On Monday, when I read the news that father Stan, a human rights activist perished, it upset me and since then I have been wanting to talk about this

Human Rights activists that worked for the welfare of the adivasi communities in Jharkhand

Father Stan, a priest, dedicated his life fighting for adivasi, tribal community in Jharkhand State, India. He fought against injustice for this community where their lands were taken away by the State. This land grabbing of marginalised communities is quite common, where lands of marginalised communities are taken away for building dams or other various commercial purposes by powerful authorities(companies, State Government etc) without adequate compensation.


Father Stan, along with a group of people, used available laws and empowered the tribal communities to fight for their rights to retain ownership of their land. The State put these youths in jail and father Stan along with a group of activists fought for the release of these people.

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Twist in situation when these activists were charged with unconvincing sedition charges

He did all this despite his advanced age of being an octogenarian of 83 years and suffering from parkinson's disease. The Government Authorities decided to frame charges of sedition on this good soul and booked him for violence in a case known as Elgar Parishad-Bhima Koregaon case. Father Stan along with 15 others were framedfor having links with banned Maoist entities, who the Government claims were responsible for the caste based violence in a village called Bhima Koregoan on 2018.

The truth has emerged that all the evidence produced that implicated father Stan and others to be enemy of the State criminals was not convincing. The so-called evidence were some documents found in computers of father Stan and others, that mentioned his name linking him to have associations with maoist terrorist entities. However, it’s come out that all those documents were planted on the computers of all those arrested by a malware attack that put those documents on their computers in a hidden folder.

Therefore, father Stan and 15 other individuals who were working for the rights of the marginalist fighting against unjustified acts of the Government were falsely implicated.

Father Stan himself explains in this video why Government is accusing him of sedition, it’s to take him out of the way so that the Government can continue exploiting the adivasi population grabbing their lands.

Father Stan heartlessly taken to jail custody where his care was neglected

Now, comes the heart breaking part… Father Stan was arrested last year on October from his home in Ranchi and taken to Mumbai’s Taloja jail by India’s National Investigation Agency(NIA) when he clearly implied that he cannot come because he is a senior Citizen, suffering from parkinson's disease in a Covid pandemic time where even his State’s guidelines state that senior Citizens should not travel.

Post this, father Stan was facing negligence. He was not allowed a sipper that’s required for him as he cannot drink from tumbler having nuerological problems due to parkinsons disease. Even for having something basic as a sipper father Stan had to approach court who granted him the permission to have a sipper only after a wait of 3 anguinishing weeks.

Later, that jail was suffering from the Corona pandemic with inmates getting the Covid-19 virus. Meanwhile, father Stan was not granted bail on medical grounds even when the Pandemic was raging, so his health deteriorated. He could not walk, eat and bath without assistance.

 This year May father Stan got Covid in jail but medical care came very late

He fell sick with fever and weakness on May, but care and attention was not given to him. Father Stan was not vaccinated even though vaccination was a priority for senior Citizens. 10 days passed … The over crowded jail lacked facilities to give medical care to inmates. After, father Stan’s lawyer appealed to the Bombay high court he was taken to hospital, diagnosed with Covid-19 much later than when he contacted it.

Meanwhile, father Stan was not granted bail inspite severe deterioration of his health, he even appealed to the courts through video that he wanted bail and wanted to be with his people in Ranchi and said if things continued the way they did, he knew he had not long to live.

Finally death took father Stan, he was not granted permission to be with his people at home

Yes, some tears come from imagining all this scene… Finally, Father Stan was admitted to hospital, with his bail plea on medical grounds still under consideration. He was cured of Covid, but died due to some post-covid complications, with a cardiac arrest rendering him unconscious on Saturday night, after this father Stan could not be revived. This soul breathed his last on Monday afternoon, when the court opened to hear his bail plea and the doctor looking after father Stan announced that father Stan passed away that day.

 Father Stan’s death was an institutionalised murder !!

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Just look at this brutality!! … Did a person like father Stan who worked for the welfare of marginalized communities deserve to die like this away from his home and people? Was it not unconstitutional to arrest such a senior person with medical problems during a severe pandemic without any substantial proof of him committing a terrorist offence and mind you father Stan has a good track record of being a person helping the marginalised community.

That’s why many are saying that father Stan’s death was an institutional murder, he died because of his unlawful, unnessarity and unjustified arrest and treatment meted out to him.

Father Stan’s case is a shame to the Indian country, our judicial and legal system, jail and Central Government. As usual, anger seeps through, tears flow hearing such a news. Hopefully other 15 detainees who are in jail can be released soon because father Stan’s death has got the opposition parties and some CItizens to demand release of others in jail accused and booked in the Bhima Koregaon case.

The common link of those arrested is that they were fighting against unjust policies of the Government, protecting the rights of the marginalised using the laws of the land. These people are prominent people - lawyers, poets, journalists, university professors.

I end this post with this video of father Stan, that was made before his arrest last year in October.

He said, he is willing to pay whatever price he is made to for fighting for the rights of the adivasis against the Government and the dear soul paid the price with his life.

Rest in peace father Stan, hopefully you did not die in vain and Indians realise that its time to raise their voices against their atrocities of Government arresting people unlawfully just for dissenting against unjustified acts and policies of the Government, and joining hands getting together protesting in a peaceful way.

Thank you for reading my post, take care everybody!!

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