Telcoin (TEL): It's Time to Ape

By BussTechno | BussTechno | 4 Jun 2021

The past three weeks have been one unholy kick in the beans across the board, but don't fret because your resident Telcoin shill/TELevangelist has some extremely bullish news to share that could cause some major price catalysts for $TEL in the month of June.  **Assuming Elon doesn't hate tweet and BTC doesn't get jealous & poop the bed every time ALTs start moving. 

1. Influencers are talking about Telcoin.

ByBit Shill, Bitboy Crypto is about to drop a Telcoin video.  As I have stated before, I don't dislike the guy- Bitboy Crypto has done a lot to promote the crypto space (and himself).  He has over one million subscribers to his YouTube channel and there is a large volume correlation when large audience influencers speak about a project. 

On June 3, an upcoming video about Telcoin for his YT channel was teased on Instagram.  From Twitter:


Also speaking about Telcoin briefly is George from CryptosRus calling Tel "A big Yes" buy around the 16:50 mark.

2. What George was talking about- TEL's Nebraska bill is state law

Somewhat buried in the crypto bloodbath a few weeks ago was news that the Telcoin written bill passed the Nebraska legislature and was signed into law by Governor Pete Ricketts.  The law allows for the creation and charter of digital [crypto] banks.

The unfounded assumption/theory currently goes like this: Telcoin is going to acquire an already existing bank to gain access to already in-place bank & regulatory markets and then merge its own business offerings to become a large global exchange, fiat bank, crypto custodial services, and remittance provider. 

Even if part of that is just tin-foil thinking, the fact that it is going to be Nebraska's first state chartered Crypto Bank is pretty cool in itself.

3. V3 App "Project Rivendale" is due out in June

According to their roadmap their long awaited V3 app is due out this month. This project has taken three years to build out and will allow for staking within the application as well as frictionless fiat to crypto conversion.  The V3 App also has wallet functionality to allow for self custody of any ERC-20 tokens.



Any way you look at it there is some huge news on the horizon for Telcoin in the next few weeks, months, and years.  TEL is primed and ready for take off and it can still be snatched at a bargain.  It's time to Ape in.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend. -Buss




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