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By BussTechno | BussTechno | 8 Sep 2021

Occasionally I will get hyped about new projects and try to share my enthusiasm.  I'm currently hyped about a couple of NFT-centric blockchain games coming out in 2022 that you can check out here.  

However, this yet to be released NFT project may just knock it out of the park.  Based on the the explosive social media interest alone, you may want to consider looking further into this project.  Once you have thoroughly seen the demand and interaction this NFT project is garnering don't be upset with yourself for catching a case of the FOMOs.  Accept it and do your best to get whitelisted.


Sneaky Vampire Syndicate features the work of one of the Bored Ape Yacht Club & Hall of Fame Goat Lodge artists, Migwashere.  Led by a team of developers that do not try to hide their identities- they are creating a vibrant ecosystem that could potentially morph into its own metaverse.  


Within one week of opening their Discord server they already have over 31,000 boisterous members.  Their Twitter profile has nabbed ~17K followers. They just finished up their first week whitelist competition that amassed hundreds of thousands of likes, retweets, and comments with millions of impressions.  Did I mention ONE week?  The competition implored potential whitelisters to create their own derivative Sneaky Vamps with some really amazing fan art being produced.


Developers With Brains

If you follow the NFT space at all you will already know about the insanity that occurred with The Sevens NFT launch today.  Otherwise, I will give you the Cliff's Notes.  There was a piece of coding within the contract that allowed the max number of mints per address to be manipulated through looping.  One address minted 1100 of the 7777 NFTs that were minting with a 2 ETH price tag.  Needless to say people are PISSED!

What Sneaky Vampire has done to alleviate such a possible coding mistake is remove the ability for bots to interact with the contract.  It is sent through the MetaMask wallet; 0xbender on Twitter has a great breakdown thread if you're interested.


There are 8888 Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFTs that will be minted on the Ethereum chain.  Price is .08 ETH plus gas via their website and Open Sea.  There is a 2D game in development and the creators have been having Twitch AMAs showing off progress as well as answering questions.  There is consideration of a future metaverse being developed as well.

Literally Just Released (2145 EDT)

Whitelist spots are full, but you can still interact and possibly get a spot over the next two days.


This project is moving so fast and loud, I would be surprised if it doesn't have a 2 ETH floor within days of the public sale. I unfortunately didn't make it on the whitelist, but I am definitely going to stay active in discord just in case I can snatch a spot.  Either way I will be moving my ETH over to MM so I can jump on the public sale. 

I will leave you with my submissions for the fan-art contest.  Don't laugh too much, because I'm no artist and just used Adobe Illustrator for the first time yesterday.

Thanks for reading and following!

Æon FluxPire



Authors Note: Cover photo property of SVS NFTs.  I own the following positions and NFTs mentioned in this article: ETH and Colony NFTs.

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