Finding MicroGems Before They Are Gems: Linen & Republic

By BussTechno | BussTechno | 29 Mar 2021

We all want to be first movers into an exploding project, but as more people enter the crypto space it will be increasingly difficult to find undervalued or unknown projects with multi-X bagger potential.  Enter and private equity deals, Republic is a crowdfunding site best known for offering private equity positions in vetted potentially high growth startups such as Robinhood before they blow up.  Like other crowdfunding sites their goal is to link investors with much needed funding for startups.  A great feature of Republic is that you do not have to be an accredited investor to hold positions, but your purchasing power is limited.  It is U.S. based and utilizes KYC; international investors may join with a valid passport.

Now you may be wondering why I am sharing information for a company that offers you the ability to own shares/equity in startups when you are really only looking for microgem coins & tokens.  Republic has a crypto specific division which allows their startups to offer either equity or a token in exchange for investment.  It can be viewed or utilized as a private ICO, so you aren't necessarily overpaying for the next HOT ALT and at the same time making you an early mover on a potential banger of a project.  A fairly recent crypto project on Republic was Coinvest.  Obviously you need to research any potential projects yourself and only invest what you are willing to lose, as all startups are speculative in nature.

One such speculative project in the Republic network is Linen App.  With a current $22M valuation, aims to make DeFi and Social Tokens accessible, easy to acquire, and yield earning prevalent for the novice consumer.  "Linen designed and built wallet backup and recovery mechanisms that do not require users to write down passwords that can't be recovered" to help alleviate technical barriers and encourage mass adoption.  Your backup/recovery file resides in your iCloud or Google Drive.  It bills itself as a community driven application focused on nontechnical users who want to take advantage of the high yields offered by DeFi, but are unable (or unwilling to learn) to navigate different methods. They have a very clean and easy to navigate iOS and Android app that is currently still in a functional private Beta.  Feel free to use my referral to be placed on the beta waitlist.

Linen appeals to users who are new to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), social tokens, and crypto in general due to its simplicity, community feel, and superior user support.


Full disclosure: I am not part of the 600 private beta participants, so I cannot confirm if these stable coin yields are current or accurate. uses the Compound liquidity pool to provide yields to coin holders.  A user can connect their bank account directly to the app or deposit directly from an exchange or ERC-20 wallet.

Linen has some big names in blockchain VC raising $1.7 million in seed from Coinbase, Polychain Capital, HashKey Capital, and Youbi to namedrop a few. Obviously, you don't want to invest just because they are, but it definitely lends validity to the project.  You can almost be certain they will have very good advisors helping to steer the project to profitability.  Then of course you can add me- with my whopping $200 minimum investment to join in this project as an early investor.  So yeah, I'm pretty much a big deal now and thinking of adding VC investor to my Twitter/Publish0x bios.  

I'm not going to get into technical details of the project just yet but if you want to learn more about Republic you can visit and join Republic here, or check them out on Twitter @joinrepublic. For Linen visit and @Getlinen on Twitter.  Thanks for reading and I will see you next time.

Update: After finishing this article a few hours ago I contacted the CEO of Linen (one of the advantages of investing in a startup is that often you have direct access to the Team/CEO because it is usually a fairly small team wearing multiple hats) told him I was an investor and he added me to the beta whitelist.  I can confirm the posted yields above are accurate.  Additionally, they offer yields on Ether, WBTC, 0x, Compound, and BAT.


disclosures: this post contains referral links; I am an investor in


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