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By BussTechno | BussTechno | 4 Sep 2021

If you were savvy enough to purchase FLUX when I wrote about it on July 22nd you would already be in a 3X position.  If I had bought FLUX when I wrote about it on July 22nd I would be in a 3X positionDoh!  

This little gem has been in rocket mode since August 12th when it was sitting at $.10 and peaked around $.33 September 3 before settling around the $.27-.30 mark to take a breather before the next leg up.  Don't worry if you don't have Flux as part of your portfolio yet though, because it hasn't even really started.  


If you take a look at their closest competitor, (the overhyped and VC: backed, shilled, then insider dropped while public sale tokens were locked) Internet Computer (ICP), it has a $10.3B Market Cap.  In Flux, this shows the potential for immediate growth in their niche.  It is also a fully decentralized, bootstrapped, and never pre-sold or VC funded project compared to a bloated vaporware rug pull... I ain't salty though.  

The last few days have seen incredible price action in the now $50M Market Cap decentralized mini-AWS monster.  Which begs the question, what is the catalyst pushing this baby beast towards overtaking its all-time high of $.37?

  • Fusion Swap went live live with full functionality within the Zelcore Wallet.  Fusion allows you to convert assets between different blockchains to leverage DeFi including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Kadena.  It also claims snapshots and swaps your FLUX assets to its parallel chains
  • There are now over 1800 individual nodes securing and supporting the Flux network
  • People are starting to realize how undervalued and unduly punished this project was during the Summer correction 
  • It has an extremely active community and great leadership team
  • It is consistently adding features and value to its ecosystem
  • CoinMetro Staking is live

Quite a few things have helped push it up recently, but most importantly I believe it is because it is a quality project trading way below fair value.

As I stated earlier I didn't buy $FLUX when I wrote about it back in July, but I was still able to catch a great entry.  Even when it catches a new ATH it will be a great entry, because it's still early in this project and it has so much room to grow.  I'm currently still DCA-ing into the project and will be putting my own node on the network in the near future...  

Think I'm gonna call it BussTechNode.  Give me your thoughts on the name below. 

Thanks for reading and following.


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