Successful Entrepreneurs Keep Their Edge


The game of squash it the most intense sport I have ever played. Not only are you in a small court-a 672 square foot box--but you are playing at a superfast pace.  You and your opponent are both in constant motion, facing the front wall and hitting the ball off of it at 100mph. You get an incredible workout.  In 45 minutes, you can burn 1,000 calories.



At the same time, the game is like chess. It is all about moving the ball around to where your opponent isn't. Hopefully you are gitting five,six,seven, shot to set up the winning shot. when yo have your sopening, boom--you put it away. Brute force isn't enough; you need to use your brain, be creative and work your edge(s).


When you're in tight quarters and under pressure, your true personality comes out. When people show you who they are believe them. So if someone is a complete SOB on the squash court, that person is probably a SOB in life, and not someone you want to be around.


The phrase " Keep your edges" is metaphor derived from the age old necessity of keeping your sword edge clean and sharp.  Business is a lot like squash.

Keep your edge to be  successful!

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Daniel Pinkowski
Daniel Pinkowski

Retired Martial Artist living in Shenzhen China, doing crypto mining, and teaching Hapkido martial Arts. involved with import and export to USA. I also do consulting to business. I am from the Chicago Area and now traveling the world.

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