Is Estonia the new Haven for Crypto Scammers?

Is Estonia the new Haven for Crypto Scammers?

By Daniel Pinkowski | Business Strategy | 27 Jan 2019


Being new to this industry, but having a good business background  I occasionally go to website for news information to do my research.


During my searches at the bottom of some of these news website I found promising Advertisements for making large sums of money for testing their new sofware in the Cryptocurrency Markets.


After doing some research I found that these sites are scams and some people have taken the bait, and have lost thousands of dollars



The scam format is the same just a little change in the design and the web address. They promise outrageous results in 24 hours for being one of only a few people offered this software. They always say there is a limited amout of spot available and for a limited time only.  When you see this type of promotion in Advertisment it is a clear Red Flag for a Scam Alert! They ask for a deposit of your fund to get started usually a minimum for $500  some foolish people who are greedy looes more. I have seen some investor loose $5,000.  When you try to withdraw you money that is the time you know you have been scamed.



I did some due diligence and found pleanty of Horror stories of people  loosing money and their posting on how they were scamed on Scamadvisor. Something came to my attention that a lot of these site were based in Estonia???? With that in mind I decided to do some research on Estonia.


Here are some of my finding on this country

  • Estonia has declared internet access a human right

  • It has a thriving IT Start up culture

  • It has just recently became a member of the EU.

  • Has Goverment incentives for start up E-services 

  • Has one of best internet services in the Eastern European Block Countries 

  • Has a nickname of e-Estonia 

  • Been behind the creation of digital brands such as Skype, Hotmail. and recently Transferwise.

  • Laws are Laxed since it is new to the EU.


With all of this said when looking into a new website of a company if it come up with a home in e-Estonia go the extra mile and do your research before diving into something you will regret later



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Daniel Pinkowski
Daniel Pinkowski

Retired Martial Artist living in Shenzhen China, doing crypto mining, and teaching Hapkido martial Arts. involved with import and export to USA. I also do consulting to business. I am from the Chicago Area and now traveling the world.

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